A Moment of Impact

My grandmother and I at her 79th birthday dinner

A little over a month ago I lost my grandmother. She was one of my closest friends, my rock, and my hero. I find myself tearing up as I sit to write this post. When she first passed, I knew I wanted to honor her memory, but no amount of words ever seemed as if they’d be enough.

Through the past month I have moved forward with life, still fighting the sting of the pain and the loss of a grandmother I so dearly loved. I knew her time would come eventually, but she was one of those people who was always there. Knowing the time would come and experiencing that time are two completely different aspects of life. I never wanted to think about the day I would have to lose her because I didn’t know how I would find the strength to face it. And as I sit here a month and a few days later, I’m still not sure if I do. It still seems surreal.

Even so, the words came.

From the inside looking out, I struggle finding the words to explain it. It was one of those rare moments – a moment of impact – one that not even the most eloquent of words could describe the allure of. The kind of moment that becomes immortalized in song and word, yet far more beautiful.

I sat at her bedside, my hand ever-so gently relaxed on her arm, as I sang my favorite verse from Messiah/You’re Beautiful to her – When we arrive at eternity’s shore, where death is just a memory and tears are no more. We’ll enter in as the wedding bells ring, Your bride will come together and we’ll sing, You’re beautiful. 

The tears fell from my face onto the rocking chair. I saw the faint flutter in her eyes. While it felt unnatural praying for the very thing we spend our entire lives avoiding, it was the moment she and I both knew her time was arriving to come home.

She died of stage four breast cancer. It was a hard-fought battle, yet one that made her stronger as a person. Back in October when we learned the cancer had metastasized to the brain, we knew what it meant. There are days the most difficult decision we will make is when we decide what we want to eat. This was not one of those days. After a journey that felt both so short and so long, I sat by her bed that Friday night, and I knew the day I dreamed would never come had emerged.

She is one of a rare breed. One that once she has that moment of impact in your life, you will never be the same. She’s one of those people you can never forget, even if you wanted to try. Though in a sense of honesty amongst yourself, you know you never really want to forget.

DSC_0016 copy.JPG

It was the last night I would spend with the woman who had such a profound impact on my dad’s life and later my entire family. I couldn’t quite find the words to say. Not even I love you felt like it could be enough. Still through my tearful eyes I could see the exhaustion of her body could not stop her from smiling. I know she told me she loved me too.

Words didn’t feel like enough, but music did. I became too emotional to sing, so I started playing music instead.

My grandmother had a funny thing about taking me to southern gospel singings growing up. I hated them. I thought they were boring and would never end. Yet in those moments I sat by her bedside holding her hand, the Precious Memories album by Alan Jackson felt right. I turned on “In The Garden” and just let it shuffle.

Indistinctly, I saw her facial expressions change with each song. In The Garden changed to Softly and Tenderly, which changed to I’ll Fly Away and then to The Old Rugged Cross. It was during this song I saw her eyes glance to me and felt the light flick in her hand. We shared that moment together. We knew her crown was coming. We knew she would soon stand in the presence of our Father.

What proceeded was the most memorable of the entire night. My parents joined me at her bedside and we started to sing to her. As How Great Thou Art came on, an atmosphere filled the room I’m not sure can ever be replicated in this lifetime.

With heavy hearts and tear-filled eyes, we looked at my beautiful grandmother with both joy and sorrow as we sang one of her favorite hymns. I choked back what I could as we finished singing. Goodbye really is the hardest part.

A moment of impact.

The quote from C.S. Lewis states “When I die, I pray all of hell rejoices that I am out of the fight.” At 2:30 am on the 10th of December 2016, I have no doubt that’s how the fallen world felt. She fought the good fight, she finished the race, she kept the faith.

Amidst the chaos and the pain I’ve felt for the last month, I’m forever comforted by the words of Paul – to live is Christ, and to die is gain. My grandmother, the most God-fearing, caring, tenacious woman I have ever met, has gained far more than this world could ever offer her. She no longer lives in an earthly body broken by age and cancer, but now walks those beautiful streets of gold in a lovely, heavenly body given to her by the Lord.

That night I thanked my grandmother for being a guiding light in my life. I thanked her sitting on my couch, holding me while I cried, and loving me at the moment in my life I felt most unloved. I thanked her for teaching me that no matter what you absolutely never give up on the ones you love, even if everyone else is begging you to. I thanked her for showing what an authentic love for Christ looks like. Most importantly, I thanked her for choosing to be my grandmother.

Even still, she inspires me to become a better person, as she often did to so many around her. She fought like a girl until the very end. I’ve never been more proud to call her my grandmother.

My grandmother bought me this shirt shortly shortly after she finished chemo in 2013. From beginning to end, she fought like a girl

Music Wednesday: Something Different

As I sit here writing this music Wednesday post, I find myself thinking it’s crazy that 7 years ago was 2010. 7 years. SEVEN.

Seven years ago my life was turned upside in the most beautiful way possible. Seven years ago my dad accepted a new pastoral position and at 15 years old with only 2 years of high school left, I moved 5 hours away from the place I had known as home my entire life.

While some people, arguably most, would hate going through such transition in life, I embraced my new world with open arms. God was in the middle of all of it, and I could see it every step of the way.

Let me explain:

As I’ve gotten older, my dad has always been very open and honest with me about his life in ministry. When the church initially contacted my dad, he turned them down. We had so much happening at the time, and my parents wanted me to finish high school at Little Cypress-Mauriceville. Naturally, we moved on with our lives.

A few months later, the church calls again. They ask my dad to reconsider. As stated before, he’s always been open and honest with me. So he gives in to their consideration, while on the side thinking something has to be wrong with this church if they are circling back though resumes. What followed was a moment I’ll never forget. He called me out of room to tell me what had happened. I stood barely out of doorway from the hallway to the living room, just enough where I could see our TV in my peripheral. And the second my dad told me the church called again, I heard it in the back of my head – “we’re going to move.” 

I never admitted it to my parents initially, but I knew God was in it. My family looked for roadblock after roadblock. Every single one of them was torn down. The interim youth minister? The nephew of my dad’s best friend from college. Head of the music minister search committee? The grandfather of my best friend, Meghan.

God’s trajectory was laid out for us and it was only a matter of moments before He deemed the timing perfect and it came colliding into our lives. As simple as it is to say, when God’s in it, He’s in it. 

If there was one thing I learned throughout the entire process – no matter how hard you may try, you can’t outrun God.

Needless-to-say, this entire process had me on FIRE for God. It doesn’t mean moments were hard. Oh trust me, moments were hard, and there were plenty of moments I wanted to run away from it all, and others where I just wanted to run away to my new life and forget Orange, TX ever existed. But I didn’t. And I still remained on fire for the work God was ever-so clearly mapping out in my life.

Which brings me to this music Wednesday. Correlating with being on fire for God was the music which aided in fueling that fire. Let’s get one thing straight up front. I don’t really listen to a lot of rap music. However, I grew up in the youth age where Lecrae was it, and admittedly, I gave in to some of the songs.

All the songs reminded me of the power of God. Of the example we’re supposed to be for Christ. Of the glory we’re supposed to bring to God. And as I reflected on this journey these past few days, these songs just resonated with my sophomore year of high school and all the change I embraced.

Side note: only one of these songs is actually by Lecrae.

3. 2nd Coming: Flame

You remember when people used to wear those Free Hugs shirts? I had a friend pass away in a car accident my sophomore year, and he loved those shirts. Well one night a group of us decided to adapt from James’ example, but instead of doing free hugs, we did free prayers. We drove up and down 16th St. in Orange, ventured to the local Wal-Mart, and tried to find people we could pray for. It was a really, really fun night, and one I will never forget. While out that night, we kept listening to this song. As the title suggests, it talks about the second coming of Christ. It just helped fuel the fire in us. We were reminded we DON’T know when Christ is coming back, and wanted to embrace the opportunity to bring Him as much glory as possible.

2. Make War: Tedashii

If you ever want to see this classy girl who dresses like she just stepped out of a J. Crew catalog rap, this would be the song. (Actually that only happened when Eminem came on during the kickboxing days. True story) Anyway, before the start of our sophomore year, Meghan and I went to a mini revival in Bridge City, TX. Here we took a class on apologetics where the instructor had us listen to this song and it kind of became our anthem for quite a few months. As two 15-year-old girls, it hit us hard. We read the lyrics and both realized how easy it is to become complacent in sin rather than raging a war against it. We became each other’s accountability partners. We went through each other’s rooms looking at CD’s, Facebook accounts, and anything we felt like could draw us away from God. We even broke a couple CD’s and threw them on the ground at the revival as a very symbolic way of the ways we were going to wage war. It was pretty radical moment for the both us.

1. Send Me: Lecrae

Someone once told me they don’t understand why I like this song so much. I ignored them because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. The same way I listen to Krystal Meyers or Breaking Benjamin to get ready for a long run, I listen to this song before mission trips. It’s like the Til I Collapse of missional music. The entire song is focused on the Great Commission. Lecrae talks about the need to be missional, locally and globally. He says we need more people with the martyrs of faith attitude, and as I listen to the lyrics, I find myself agreeing with him. As Christians, we are called to be ambassadors, and we should act as such. (And speaking as someone who REALLY wanted to a go a certain Middle Eastern country when I was 18, I also resonate with the line about sharing faith in a place where they will kill you for it). But beyond that, there is one line in the entire song that always hits me no matter how many times I listen to it – there’s more to life than work, church, and football, what if you were dead in sins and Christians overlooked y’all? Fire. Lines such as that help fuel the fire within me. Plus, I love how much it relates to one my favorite verses, Isaiah 6:8.

For those who know me well, they are very different than most of the music you will find me listening to. Seven years ago my life changed, but these songs helped me embrace that change whole-heartedly.


Music Wednesday: The Song of 2017

Happy first Wednesday of the new year!

I hope each and every one of y’all had a fantastic new year no matter how celebrated. I know we’re only four days in, but I hope your 2017 has gone well thus far.

For me personally, I’m currently sitting on my couch, a cup of water to my right, a Christmas tree that’s still up to my left, curled up in my favorite Oxford University sweatshirt and american flag crew socks, watching the fire burn in my fireplace.


If you’re thinking about how idyllic that sounds, it’s probably because it is. Winter is my favorite season. Being able to come home every night, cook dinner (or order curry for takeout), and curl up by a fire to watch Criminal Minds or House of Cards is a dream for me.

But enough about how much I love the fact it’s 20 degrees outside and I broke out the bowler hat today. As it’s the first music Wednesday of the new year, I thought long and hard about the song I wanted to kick of the year with. I mean, I’ve been on a Tim Janis kick lately so Sunrise Over the Ocean was definitely an option, though that’s more of a song to kick off spring or do yoga too. There’s always James Blake and I LOVE Falls Creek Boys Choir, but a song with a wolf barking in the background wasn’t exactly what I was looking for today. Band of Horses is always a good option, yet something didn’t feel right about “kicking off” 2017 with a song called The Funeral. (Awkkk)

I circled my Spotify again and again for the song I wanted. Weird as it may sound, I knew I didn’t want to do country, not that it limited my options by much, but some.

Then it hit me…I wanted a song that absolutely worshipped God. This doesn’t really narrow it down much either (I have 3 playlists on Spotify dedicated to this, all with different songs). Yet, there are the songs that speak to us more than others.

For me? It was God of Miracles by Chris McClarney. I first heard the song a few months ago. It was a Sunday and I was cleaning my room and I had my computer propped up on my dresser. It was a nice mental break from the paper I had just finished writing.

I was playing one of those random playlists on Spotify I had pulled from the genre section, just talking with God about everything that was on my mind. And I mean everything.

It became one of those weird moments, the song came on and the lyrics instantly hit me.

See, God and I talk a lot about a lot of different things, but the one thing we always come to is when. I can become so tunnel-visioned on certain things in the future, I worry about things that 1) I need-not worry about and 2) may never even happen, ESPECIALLY in the ways I play them out in my over-active imagination.

The thing is I don’t need to worry because faith in God includes faith in His promises AND His timing. Yeah, the timing part is hard. But as hard as it is, and trust me I really, really, really know how hard it is, the timing is perfect, and we shouldn’t worry about anything.

That’s what I love about the line in the song – “Let faith arise and see the kingdom come. I lift my eyes for the battle has been won. My God is faithful and every word He said is true.”

The battle has been won. While the timing part is difficult for our human minds bound to concepts of time and space to comprehend, it’s not something that affects our Father. He is faithful and every word He says is true.

2 Corinthians 1:20, right?

That’s why I think this is a perfect song to start 2017 off with. As a year of hope, it’s good to be reminded God is not bound by the same limitations we are. Our hope is not in vain, it’s in the Lord who has already won.

Just something to think about this Wednesday.

Have a great week!

A Year of Hope


2016. It was interesting year to say the least. I think you could all agree with me on that. No matter how well or not-so-well your year went, 2016 was definitely a year of oddities.

I don’t plan on rehashing all of the lessons I learned over the year – especially since I did an anniversary post for gilliamgirl.

While I think we can all agree we’re glad this year is ending, more importantly I’m glad about the start of the new year. We know the sayings. It’s a new beginning, “new year, new me,” new years resolutions, all that jazz. For myself? Yeah, I’m glad a new year is beginning. I felt like I got sucker punched by life this year just over and over again. So the notion a clean slate for me can begin at midnight CT tonight is definitely a refreshing rhetoric to accept.

As I’m writing this blog, I’m on call for work and I look at the clock on my computer and it says 22:08. Just a couple more hours until midnight, and a few more hours until that new beginning.

And for 2017, I am embracing that “new beginning” with hope. Hope that grad school will continue to go well (gotta hold on to that 4.0), hope that I make more awesome network connections (probably through Twitter), hope that I’ll get to go to Virginia, hope that I’ll get to run the Marine Corps Marathon, hope that I’ll be able to continue chasing the dreams I have for my life, and most importantly hope in Christ.

Last year, I wrote a post that the thing I needed most for the new year was prayer. In this post, I said prayer was our greatest battle weapon. After all, it is direct communication with our Father and we should be engaging in it daily. I guess you could say a stronger prayer life was my new years resolution for 2016. As a fun fact, I definitely saw some of the prayers that weighed more heavily on my heart answered this year.

This is not to say I feel I am lacking hope and need it rejuvenated for 2017. Quite the opposite actually. I’ve had so many prayers I’ve prayed about for so long answered in 2016, it gives me immense hope going in 2017. Hope in the power of God and the acts He is capable of performing. I move forward into 2017 with hope that God is able.

I’m not sure I can say I’ve ever really done “yearly” verses before, but lately Romans 12:12 has been on my heart and I feel it’s a good verse to kick the new year off with –

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Joyful in hope. It’s the possibilities I see in 2017 that make me joyful. The capabilities of God (which are a lot) give me hope.

After a year of craziness, I am joyful to be moving forward in hope. I aspire to stay faithful in my prayer. I know God will help me get through whatever affliction I face. I do not go into 2017 with fear and feeling broken down because God has given me hope.

Here’s to 2017 friends! Make it a good one filled with nothing but hope!

Music Wednesday: Singin’ in the Rain

So…..it’s been a while guys. I’m sorry. WordPress went down on my computer for a while (not sure what happened there), my grandmother passed away and then I had to deal with the end of the semester. By the time it was all said and done, I just needed some personal time.

I didn’t mean to keep y’all hanging without any notice, but alas I’m back and ready to write my heart out and play catch up on life in the blogging world.

So with this somewhat inaugural, and last, music Wednesday of 2016, I had originally planned another song. However, 20 minutes ago I learned of the passing of Debbie Reynolds. To say I’m sad is an understatement.

Well, luckily Santa brought me Singin’ in the Rain on BluRay for Christmas (those midnight rants about movies missing from the Netflix classic section really pay off – seriously who doesn’t show Funny Face?!) and that’s what I’m currently watching.

Anyway, I guess you could say this music Wednesday is dedicated to Debbie Reynolds (and it is). BUT Singin’ in the Rain is also my all-time favorite movie so it’s an ode to that as well.

Guys, I love this movie so much. And Moses Supposes is my favorite song from the movie. Here you go friends! Enjoy Donald O’Connor’s facial expressions.

P.S. I also included the routine done by Jeanine and Phillip on So You Think You Can Dance. I highly suggest you watch it – Jeanine was the winner that year and Phillip jumps across a 6 ft couch.

A Date That Still Lives in Infamy


The words of Franklin D. Roosevelt with forever ring from the shocking silence on that day.

“December 7, 1941. A date which will live in infamy – the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan…The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian islands has caused severe damage to American naval and military forces. I regret to tell you that very many American lives have been lost…But always will our whole nation remember the character of the onslaught against us. No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory…With confidence in our armed forces, with the unbounding determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph – so help us God.”

75 years ago today, slightly before 0800, hundreds of fighter planes from the Empire of Japan attacked the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor. Nearly 20 naval vessels and over 300 war planes were destroyed.

75 years ago today, in an attack that lasted less than two hours, over 2,000 American lives were lost. 2,008 were Sailors. 109 were Marines. 228 were Soldiers. 57 were civilians.

75 years ago today, at 0810, a 1,800 pound bomb smashed through the USS Arizona and landed in her forward ammunition magazine. The ship exploded and sank. Nearly 1,000 crewmen were still trapped inside. Torpedoes sliced into the USS Oklahoma causing the vessel to roll over, and nearly 400 men to go missing.

75 years ago today, every battleship on Pearl – USS Arizona, USS Oklahoma, USS West Virginia, USS Maryland, USS California, USS Nevada, USS Tennessee, and USS Pennsylvania all sustained damage. But the Pacific Fleet refused to stay cripple.


75 years ago today, the Empire of Japan attacked the American spirit and awoke a sleeping giant. The attacks, seeking to dismantle the nation that had not yet officially joined the war, and have economic sanctions lifted, instead united the American people and the resolve of the Greatest Generation continued on.

The greatest mobilization of United States troops marched forward, both to avenge Pearl and defend the nation they so dearly loved. A brotherhood was created among these heroes. The kind of brotherhood thicker than blood, stronger than steel, and unable for anyone or anything to ever penetrate.

America was hurt but America moved forward. The nation was tried and the nation overcame.

To say uncommon valor become a common virtue at Pearl Harbor would be an understatement. Due to the attacks on Pearl, these medal were awarded, many of them presented posthumously:

  • 15 Medals of Honor
  • 5 Distinguished Service Crosses
  • 51 Navy Crosses
  • 1 Army Distinguished Service Medal
  • 69 Silver Stars
  • 3 Navy and Marine Corps Medals
  • 5 Legion of Merits
  • 33 Distinguished Flying Crosses
  • 6 Medals of Merit

75 years ago today, a beautiful Hawaiian day became a day known for pain and destruction.

75 years ago today, a horrid Hawaiian day also became known as a day of valor.

75 years later, the words of President Roosevelt continually echo truth. December 7 still lives in infamy.

To the Greatest Generation that fought such tyranny, to my own grandfather who fought at Okinawa on the USS Noble, thank you will never be enough. You are courage, you are commitment, you are integrity, you are tenacity, you are honor. These special warriors will never be forgotten.

You fought for me. I will honor you.

The Washington Post


Where You Lead…

Well…it has been over a week since Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premiered. WOW I have so many thoughts. I laughed, I cried (from laughing so hard) and it felt so good to step back into the quirky town of Stars Hallow again. Watching the revival just reminded me how badly I want to go to the east coast. I mean, if Colonial Williamsburg is even as remotely eccentric as Stars Hollow, I will be one happy camper.

Anyway, I was a whirlwind of emotions Black Friday and now that I’ve finally given myself time to gather my thoughts (and let the dust of “the last four words” settle), it’s time to take about alllll the craziness that happened.

As a whole, the show was great. I loved the concept on looking at how things have changed in Stars Hollow over the past 9 years. The witty banter plus recent pop culture  events, combined with a town that acts like it’s on crack sometimes, was perfection (as I’d hoped it would be).

Overall, so much happened and I couldn’t decide how to break this down. Do I go by season? Do I go by events? Do I just talk about what happened overall? In organizing my thoughts on the show, I decided to simply go by characters (with the occasional event) instead. I figured it was the best way for me to try and put pen to paper (keyboard to screen?) on the genius that is Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino.

Warning: if you are a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan like myself and do not yet know what happened, I’d stop reading now. The last four words will be discussed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  1. Kirk
    Why not start off with arguably the quirkiest character on the show? While it is arguable Liz and TJ could give Kirk a run for his money (all $250,000 of it), they weren’t in the revival. Kirk wins the craziness of the show by a landslide. His driving service “OOOber” was second-to-none. The fact he could not see the similarities between “OOOber” and Uber until he had a lawsuit fell exactly into the Kirk we all know and love. Then there was “A Second Film by Kirk” which was pure perfection. Plus, him spending dinner with the classy Emily Gilmore, was gold. Kirk helped liven the show up like always.
  2. Stars Hollow: The Musical
    It was only a matter of time before a town that memorialized the American Revolution battle that never happened created a musical to honor it all. While I found the idea of musical the perfect concept for Stars Hollow, I found the actual scene of the musical to be a bit much. Don’t get me wrong, the musical numbers were HILARIOUS but did we really have to endure every. single. song? Also, can someone please explain to me why the actors, who were supposed to be from Connecticut, had accents sounding like they came straight out of Gone With the Wind?
  3. Emily Gilmore
    Now a widow (RIP Edward Hermann), Emily Gilmore seemed to have been faring well for herself. The most shocking part – she actually found a maid she can keep (there are drinking games about her maids in the original series so…). I think what I loved most about the evolution of Emily’s character was the raw display of her grief. From wanting to get rid of all of her possessions, to struggling with the GIANT painting of Richard, and abandoning the facade of her D.A.R. friends. It was nice to see the old Emily with a new spark. Also, love her new house on Nantucket.
  4. Paris Geller
    Paris. Paris. Paris. Where do we begin? Obviously she got her medical degree from Harvard, and based on her five-story townhouse in Manhattan, she’s done well at her fertility clinic. I must admit, I was disappointed in the strife between she and Doyle. I always enjoyed their relationship. However, her speech to the students in which she quoted Stalin had me rolling. Plus, there was her kicking the door closed with her heel. Easily one of the greatest scenes in the show. Obviously Paris is still Paris. She has a love/hate relationship with everyone around her and has no qualms about holding back her true feelings. But alas, these things are what make Paris, Paris, and that’s why we love her.
  5. Jess
    From the beginning, Milo said Jess’ main role on the revival was to move the story line along and that’s exactly what he did. He convinced Rory to write the story about her and her mom, he helped Luke when he was missing Lorelai, and also helped his mom and TJ get out of their cult (regular season Jess would’ve let them rot so we’ve made progress). However, Jess’ whole “I don’t have feelings for Rory anymore while staring wishfully at Rory through a window” felt a bit overplayed. And considering his uncle married Rory’s mom, a relationship between them would feel odd (not as odd as Dan-Serena Gossip Girl dating/getting married even though their parents dated/were married at one point and they share a half-brother), but still odd. I don’t deny Jess is intellectually perfect for Rory, and he’s definitely always pushed her to do better, he’s just never been my favorite.
  6. Logan
    Switching sides now, Logan was who I was rooting for from the beginning. I felt his presence in all four episodes of the show HAD to mean something. I was mildly disappointed at the way things ended with Logan. The adventure he took Rory on with the Life and Death Brigade was one for the books (who doesn’t love Colin buying clubs and hotels while he’s drunk) and Finn being well…Finn. But there was the whole situation of Logan clearly still loved Rory, yet chose to remain engaged to someone else. While Rory understood the situation, I still feel the sentiment of “my words will always say your perfect for me but my actions say I still won’t choose you” is a hard pill to swallow for anyone. Now I know going back to the original series, Rory is the one who rejected Logan’s proposal, but she’s obviously grown from that, as it’s clear she still loves Logan too. Their relationship felt more tragic than anything else. Considering I wanted things to end in wedding bells between them, I wasn’t amused.
  7. Luke and Lorelai
    I don’t think there’s any denying all fans love the Luke and Lorelai saga (unless your my sister…then you think Lorelai should’ve been with Max). BUT for the rest of us, we love Luke and Lorelai together. And that’s exactly why I think their relationship was overplayed in the revival. If anyone ever had any doubt that Luke and Lorelai belonged together, I think they got that answer in the series finale when the show ending with them kissing. I loved watching their relationship grow, but personally I feel they should’ve already been married. Then the audience could have seen a flashback to the wedding, similar to the flashback we saw of Richard’s funeral. I felt like the revival focused more on the relationship between Luke and Lorelai than it did on Rory, which I felt was unnecessary. I never had any doubt surrounding their relationship (apparently neither did my dad). However, I do have a wedding date now, so in case anyone was curious November 5th will be my day. (Yes I know it’ll fall on a random day. That’s fine considering I’ll probably elope as opposed to having a wedding ceremony anyway). Though, I guess technically they ended up getting married on the 4th. Either way, either date will do for me, but I digress.
  8. Rory
    Okay – time to talk business. While the show is called Gilmore Girls, emphasis on the girls, I wanted the revival to focus on Rory more and I felt it a bit lacking. Though I did enjoy the humanizing side of Rory. As someone who worked for everything she got, there was no denying she also had privilege and that privilege helped her land a media spot on the Obama campaign trail at the end of the original series. So, seeing Rory nine years later as a struggling freelance writer, trying to keep her hometown newspaper alive, and faced with disappointment from Conde Nast was refreshing. (Though I don’t have room to talk about the Conde Nast part. If they ever contacted me, I’d probably die right there). Writing is a huge part of who Rory is and I think it’s what helps me relate to her so much. Plus, I loved her book idea. When there’s a story that has to be told, the words will undoubtedly come and that’s exactly what happened for her. On another note, I felt it’s clear she’ll never be able to reciprocate the feelings Jess has for her, then there’s Logan, the guy she’ll clearly always love, but then there was also her run-in with Dean in Doose’s Market. The way she described Dean as an amazing person she would always love because of his kindness and protection over her was a moment where I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m glad they had that moment. Yet, as before, I’m still disappointed we don’t know who she chooses, but let’s all be thankful it wasn’t Paul/Peter.
  9. The Last Four Words
    The big cliffhanger Gilmore Girls kept floating around. Time has passed so I feel okay actively discussing the last four words. According to reports, this was how Amy Sherman-Palladino originally wanted the show to end, so I guess now the real question remains if they will bring the revival back or not. So you know what I’m talking about, the last for words went like this:
    Rory: Mom
    Lorelai: Yeah?
    Rory: I’m pregnant 
    The circle of life right? Except Rory was 32, not 16. So here’s what I think – the baby is obviously Logan’s, and would most-likely be a girl (it is the Gilmore GIRLS after all). So does that make Logan the next Christopher and Jess the next Luke? I would certainly hope not. Logan would definitely want to be with Rory if he knew about the child, but I guess that also raises the question of if Rory would ever tell him. And based off the conversation she had with her dad, I feel she’d debated not telling Logan at all. Jess would love the child has his own, the same way Luke did for Rory, but still, they are awkwardly related now. Who knows how things would end, but I can honestly say I never saw that part coming so props to Amy and Daniel. The revival finale certainly didn’t suck as much as How I Met Your Mother, but I love the sense of mystery it left, kind of like the writers did with Chuck.

So there you have it – one very long post on my thoughts on the Gilmore Girls revival. Sorry, there were a lot (and I could’ve gone on for me). Overall, I’d consider the revival a success. While there were some things I wasn’t exactly a fan of, you can’t win them all. At the end of the day, it was just nice to step back into Stars Hollow, even if it was just for a few hours. Life’s short, talk fast.