A Year of Hope


2016. It was interesting year to say the least. I think you could all agree with me on that. No matter how well or not-so-well your year went, 2016 was definitely a year of oddities.

I don’t plan on rehashing all of the lessons I learned over the year – especially since I did an anniversary post for gilliamgirl.

While I think we can all agree we’re glad this year is ending, more importantly I’m glad about the start of the new year. We know the sayings. It’s a new beginning, “new year, new me,” new years resolutions, all that jazz. For myself? Yeah, I’m glad a new year is beginning. I felt like I got sucker punched by life this year just over and over again. So the notion a clean slate for me can begin at midnight CT tonight is definitely a refreshing rhetoric to accept.

As I’m writing this blog, I’m on call for work and I look at the clock on my computer and it says 22:08. Just a couple more hours until midnight, and a few more hours until that new beginning.

And for 2017, I am embracing that “new beginning” with hope. Hope that grad school will continue to go well (gotta hold on to that 4.0), hope that I make more awesome network connections (probably through Twitter), hope that I’ll get to go to Virginia, hope that I’ll get to run the Marine Corps Marathon, hope that I’ll be able to continue chasing the dreams I have for my life, and most importantly hope in Christ.

Last year, I wrote a post that the thing I needed most for the new year was prayer. In this post, I said prayer was our greatest battle weapon. After all, it is direct communication with our Father and we should be engaging in it daily. I guess you could say a stronger prayer life was my new years resolution for 2016. As a fun fact, I definitely saw some of the prayers that weighed more heavily on my heart answered this year.

This is not to say I feel I am lacking hope and need it rejuvenated for 2017. Quite the opposite actually. I’ve had so many prayers I’ve prayed about for so long answered in 2016, it gives me immense hope going in 2017. Hope in the power of God and the acts He is capable of performing. I move forward into 2017 with hope that God is able.

I’m not sure I can say I’ve ever really done “yearly” verses before, but lately Romans 12:12 has been on my heart and I feel it’s a good verse to kick the new year off with –

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Joyful in hope. It’s the possibilities I see in 2017 that make me joyful. The capabilities of God (which are a lot) give me hope.

After a year of craziness, I am joyful to be moving forward in hope. I aspire to stay faithful in my prayer. I know God will help me get through whatever affliction I face. I do not go into 2017 with fear and feeling broken down because God has given me hope.

Here’s to 2017 friends! Make it a good one filled with nothing but hope!

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