Music Wednesday: Singin’ in the Rain

So…’s been a while guys. I’m sorry. WordPress went down on my computer for a while (not sure what happened there), my grandmother passed away and then I had to deal with the end of the semester. By the time it was all said and done, I just needed some personal time.

I didn’t mean to keep y’all hanging without any notice, but alas I’m back and ready to write my heart out and play catch up on life in the blogging world.

So with this somewhat inaugural, and last, music Wednesday of 2016, I had originally planned another song. However, 20 minutes ago I learned of the passing of Debbie Reynolds. To say I’m sad is an understatement.

Well, luckily Santa brought me Singin’ in the Rain on BluRay for Christmas (those midnight rants about movies missing from the Netflix classic section really pay off – seriously who doesn’t show Funny Face?!) and that’s what I’m currently watching.

Anyway, I guess you could say this music Wednesday is dedicated to Debbie Reynolds (and it is). BUT Singin’ in the Rain is also my all-time favorite movie so it’s an ode to that as well.

Guys, I love this movie so much. And Moses Supposes is my favorite song from the movie. Here you go friends! Enjoy Donald O’Connor’s facial expressions.

P.S. I also included the routine done by Jeanine and Phillip on So You Think You Can Dance. I highly suggest you watch it – Jeanine was the winner that year and Phillip jumps across a 6 ft couch.


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