Music Wednesday: The Band Perry

Easily the best group of siblings to perform in country music (at least in my opinion). Their songs are authentic, her voice is raw, and I think that’s what makes them so real. They are personable, their songs are fun but still hit close to home. These siblings are all amazing singer/songwriters and I love the amount of time and energy they put into the work. It truly shows in all of their music. Not to mention, Kimberly absolutely rocks the curly hair and red lipstick. So sorry, T Swift (not really).

As one of my favorite groups in country music, it was only a matter of time before they got a music Wednesday dedicated to them. Like some of my other favorite artists, I’ve decided to list multiple songs because it’s too difficult to pick only one.

All of these songs “seem” like breakup songs, and granted they are. Yet, breakup or no breakup, they are still incredible songs and ones you can always hear on repeat when riding in my car with me. The lyrics are real and in my opinion, that’s why the songs don’t get old.

Forever Mine Nevermind

Now on the outside this is the usual fun song. The beat is great and it’s a GREAT song to sing along to. Need a confidence boost after a breakup? This is definitely your go-to song. It’s the typical “you broke up with me, but that’s okay because you’ll never find anyone better.” I mean, who doesn’t love songs like that? Obviously the lyrics of “That you could do better? Never” and calling someone a piece of dirt can help you feel better. My favorite line in the song? “So I smashed my right hand open when I smashed the nose on you, ’cause you smashed my heart when you did what you said you’d never do.”

Back to Me Without You

Quite the opposite of Forever Mine Nevermind, Back to Me Without You is a good song to wallow to. This is the song you listen to when you’re hurt and you’re really just trying to figure out how to move forward. In the song, Kimberly talks about the feeling of having a homeless heart after going through a really tough breakup and the difficulty of putting faith in someone only to have them break your trust in the end. This is one of those songs that just hits hard. My favorite lyric from the song comes from the bridge – “I added rain to your ocean, what did it do I meant nothing to you, you made grief my chief emotion, why’d you have to do what you thought you had to do?”

Comeback Kid

You know the meme with the cop on his radio that says “warning to all officers in the area – shots have been fired”? That describes this song. It is resilient. It is a song of empowerment. Back story? It refers to the band splitting with their former record label and firing back at critics. They even take a jab at their song “If I Die Young” in the second verse by stating “I’m gonna finish what I started now, you interrupted me with all your doubts, how dare you forget where I started out” while repeating the “uh-oh” melody from their hit. The verses and chorus synthesize together in something different yet still very fitting for the band. It does have a pop sound to it, but it’s still country, and it’s the Band Perry so their lyrics speak volumes. My favorite part of this song? The bridge. “I believe in what I am; I believe in what I was. I believe in losing you I’ve never been given so much. I believe it’s been a year, the worst one I’ve ever lived. I believe I’m better now than I have ever been.”

Have an empowering rest of the week friends!

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