Veterans Day in Pictures


They are are the ones who saw the silence of the night. They are the ones who heard the screams. They are the ones who have seen war. They are soldiers.

They fought for their country. They fought for their flag. They fought for each other. They are soldiers.

They are husbands, wives, sons, and daughters. They are brave. They are loving. They are soldiers.

Today, I had the privilege to take the day off and venture to downtown Fort Worth. I stood in line with hundreds of others as the city, VFW halls, and VA program honored our soldiers. We honored those who looked death in the face and marched forward with lion-heart courage. We honored the Gold and Blue Star families from Vietnam. We tipped our hats. We cried during Taps. We thanked our soldiers.

The whole experience was emotional. The last Veterans Day program I was able to attend was in jr. high, and I only got to go because I was singing the National Anthem. This time was different. My heart was filled with warmth. I saw the veterans and their loved ones around me and I felt at home.

I smiled and clapped during the C-130 flyover. I couldn’t stop the tears streaming down my face during Taps. I had one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Even better, I was able to capture it all on camera. While I took over 150 pictures, I won’t share all of them in order to spare you some time. But, here are some of my favorites.







R.E.D. Friday’s. Until they all come home









To the veterans – and active duty soldiers – your nation thanks you.


And a special shoutout to my favorite veteran, my Poppie, for fighting tyranny in WWII. I am eternally grateful to the sacrifices made.

For God & Country.

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