Music Wednesday: October Theme Part 2

I said not too long ago that I listen to some very, very weird music. I meant every word of that. Often times when I play music for my friends I get this “OMG this song is amazing” reaction or the “What on earth is wrong with you?” reaction.

This song is one of the ‘what is wrong with you’ songs.

While there’s nothing really October-y or Halloween-y about it, it’s the beat of the song that makes it intriguing. The beat reminds of me creepy music, almost something along the lines of what you would expect to hear at an abandoned carnival or the like (and if that doesn’t remind you of Halloween then who knows what will).

The bells. The violin. The almost howling style noises heard periodically throughout the song. It can just sound creepy and creepy is Halloween.

Therefore, for the creepy music Wednesday song of the week I present to you Special Death by Mirah!

Oh and apparently they use this song on American Horror Story? I don’t watch the show so I wouldn’t know, just going off what I saw on YouTube.

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