Music Wednesday: October Theme

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a music Wednesday. I guess feeling too exhausted to write can do that to you. But it’s a new month and with that new month I’m feeling a theme.

While October has never necessarily been my favorite month (in fact I often call it my kryptonite month), I decided to try and look on the bright side this month and theme all of my music Wednesday’s for the month of October.

So because it’s October, all of the music Wednesday’s this month will have something to do with fall and Halloween, and things we think of during in October.

I’ve decided to start off the month with something simple. The song itself doesn’t have much to with fall and definitely has nothing to do with Halloween, but it still has the “fall” theme to it.

A little less than a year ago, Josh Abbott released his album Front Row Seat and on the album he takes his audience on the journey of his divorce with his wife (it sounds weird, I know, but the music is amazing. See my original thoughts about it here).

In Act Five of the album, there is a song called “Autumn”. Obviously the title itself can remind anyone of fall, and apart from the occasional mention of seasons, that’s about as far as it goes. But with any song, what gets me with this Abbott original are the lyrics.

He talks about a woman handling the world with strength and grace, beginnings and end, dealing with emotions and broken promises, and the difficulty of moving on in life. It’s just one of those songs that speaks to me an incredibly deep level (as do many of the songs on this album).

Of all the lyrics in this song, I think my favorite part is the bridge – “If she makes it through the winter she’ll find herself and then there’s nothing to consider, she ain’t coming back again.” 

The metaphor of seasons in the song is arguably some of the best I’ve heard in modern music and it’s the exact reason I decided to start out our October theme with it.


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