Music Wednesday: On A Thursday…

“We need less butt guys, less boob guys, and more bible guys.” -JP

If you read my post yesterday, then you know the past couple weeks I’ve been going to a Tuesday night worship event called The Porch in Fort Worth. (Btw, if you live anywhere in the DFW metroplex area, I highly recommend it. There’s one in Dallas too).

For the past few weeks, the young adult pastor, whom we call JP, has been preaching on “Relationship Goals.” He has covered everything under the sun about what Godly dating and Godly marriage should look like.

Tuesday night his sermon was on the all-encompasing idea that haunts us all – Identifying the one.

Now, I don’t want to give too much away because there will be a post about identifying the one soon. However, the quote I used to open this post, while it may be a little racy, has been stuck in my head. It struck me when JP said it and two days later I’m still sitting here and it’s making me think “Do I know any bible guys?”

It’s been two days and I’m still thinking, are there any guys my age that I know that are bible guys? Are there any guys my age that have a longing desire to seek and do the will of God in absolutely every facet of their life? Or are they just like “every other guy?” (Which by the way, is not a compliment in my book).

I thought about guys I’ve prayed for years now would put the will of God before their own desires. I thought about my best friends. And I’ve just thought.

Until today (well yesterday) I landed on a song I have used many times before, and I’m sure I’ll use many times again, to pray for someone in my life.

I’m sure it’s a song you know, it’s a song I love, and I feel like it’s a song that really exhibits this idea of being a “bible guy.” It talks about men rising up to be leaders and make change. It talks about men realizing they were made for so much more and wanting nothing more than serve the Lord. It talks about men who stop being talkers and become doers. It talks about men becoming courageous.

Courageous by Casting Crowns is a great song. It’s a powerful song. Written for the movie Courageous, it inspired a revolution among men to take the courageous challenge, and become the leaders God created them to be. That’s “relationship goals” right there.

After hearing JP’s sermon and agreeing we need more bible guys, this was just one of the songs that came to mind as the perfect fit. I mean, how awesome would it be to meet a guy who describes himself as a bible guy???

P.S. Ladies don’t think this doesn’t apply to you. We need to be bible girls as well. 🙂



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