Music Wednesday: Random

Piece of advice – never work full-time while going to school full-time. I’ve been so busy, I have all of these blog posts written down that I haven’t even touched. I’ve just been so tired lately.

Anyway because my mind can’t function anymore apparently, I really couldn’t think of anything “creative” for this blog post but then I figured it didn’t have to be anything necessarily special.

So basically today’s music Wednesday is going to be the random song that I’ve been playing on my phone all week, and that song is…

Rain is a Good Thing by Luke Bryan. I’m sure it was because Texas drowned in rain all last week, but I just couldn’t stop singing in my head, so now it can get stuck in yours too! Enjoy!

Don’t worry, next week I transition to subterms and I’ll only be taking 3 hours at a time, lots more blog posts will start popping up! 🙂

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