Music Wednesday: A New Day

This week has, unfortunately, been one of those weeks were I just feel like life has taken a kick out of sucker-punching me in the face. One thing, after another, and after another. It never seemed to stop.

But this week has also placed things in perspective for me. As much as I would like things going “my way,” there are people facing far harder things than having their a/c go out in their car (even if it was 102 outside).

Yesterday, one of my closest friends received truly heart-breaking news. I wanted nothing more than to get in my car and drive to her house, but she lives in another state. I had to be there for her in every way I could modern technology allows.

This morning I texted her to make sure she was doing okay. I reminded her it is okay to grieve because she needs to. She responded and said her grief comes in waves and today felt like a good day– –a new day.

That’s when I was instantly reminded of this song by Celine Dion. It is a very inspirational song, and when I listened to it today, I thought of my friend. She has experienced loss, but she is moving forward with strength.

Despite everything she’s going through, she viewed today as a new day. So this music Wednesday is for her and embracing each new day as she moves forward.


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