The Sweet Side of Life

Peaches at Majestic Farms

Tell me something – when was the last time you did something new? Or something you never thought you’d be the “type” of person to do? When was the last time you put your phone down and enjoyed your surroundings?

Now before you click close and get rid of me forever, know this is not some “we’re too attached to technology and it’s destroying our world” rant. I think we can all agree living in the moment is worth it so I definitely don’t feel the need to preach about it. But what I do know is on Sunday I did something I’d never done for – I went peach picking.

I’ve lived in Hill County for six years now and I had no idea there was a peach farm. It would make sense after all, this is a farming community, but the last time I went to a fruit/produce farm was in 2012 while in California. Even then, I had a guide picking the produce and showing it to me because it was apart of their business. This time, I went to the farm and just got to wander (to an extent of course).

The day started off as a typical Sunday in my house – wake up, drink coffee, go to church and come home to eat lunch. I was thinking it would be about time for a Sunday afternoon nap when I found out my mom was going peach picking. I didn’t really understand completely what was going on (I mean, peach picking?) but I hoped in the car and went with her anyway.

We drove down a small highway in town, turned down a county road where the pavement soon became a dirt road and just drove until we reached the farm. The ride alone was beautiful. The backwoods of Texas are easily some of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen. The atmosphere creates a certain feeling of freedom that is not easily found in other places.

Some of the peach trees on the farm

My mom and I arrived at Majestic Farms to find the sweetest couple running the place. They talked to us about the farm, told us how they began, and drove us to the different areas of the farm we were allowed to pick from.

The whole experience was definitely memorable. My mom and I walking around, learning the differences between yellow and white peaches, getting to pick whatever peaches we wanted, and being allowed to eat them as we wished as well.

The farm experience was one for the books. I got to do something I’d never done before and have a great time while doing it. Not to mention my mom and I had a great heart-to-heart on the way there. Plus after being scorched by the Texas sun at 2 in the afternoon, we figured the way back was a perfect chance to just drive while listening to Johnny Cash (we did just leave the Ring of Fire after all).

The opportunity to do something different was what made the experience worthwhile. I feel sometimes we get so caught up in a regular norms, we forget to experience the world outside our own personal bubbles.

On Sunday, I was reminded that trying something new doesn’t mean we don’t have do something drastic. We don’t all have to go skydiving or travel to South Africa to experience different things in life. I mean, of course both of those are things I want to do, yet I also learned sometimes it’s fun to simply drive down the road and see what the day brings, which is exactly what my mom and I did.

So go peach picking my friends! Go drive down a road you’ve never been down before. Going where the wind takes you doesn’t mean you necessarily have to go somewhere far or exciting, sometimes it could mean you just go.

The pond behind the farm

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