Anywhere But Here…


To say I have been in a writing slump lately would be an understatement. I try to write but whenever I sit down to put my words to paper (or screen?) it just doesn’t seem to happen. Sometimes I try to power through it, other times I watched half a season of Gossip Girl in one day.

Therefore, I started looking for inspiration in places I hadn’t looked before. Simple writing prompts here, books there, Harry Potter jokes everywhere else. So while browsing the magnificent world of Pinterest, I found one prompt that basically said if you could pack up and go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

I thought long and hard about where I would go. Virginia would be an obvious answer, but quite frankly that’s not far enough. St. Lucia or Barbados would definitely be fun, but it’s summer so I’m sure many people want to go there. I’ve had an itching to go to South America lately so Patagonia and Buenos Aires seemed like definite viable options, but I still kept thinking about going somewhere different, somewhere I’d never really thought about going before.

I have a huge desire to travel the world. Yesterday I was watching an episode of Gilmore Girls from season one. In the episode, Luke (the diner owner) comes back from a town meeting to find his ex-girlfriend/long-time friend Rachel packed and ready to leave. Angry, he calls her the anywhere but here girl. Rachel was a photographer and her character has the tendency to go wherever the wind takes her.

While we never found out where Rachel was going, the audience gets the impression she’s one of those people we envy because they get to travel the world. So while trying to answer my prompt, I channeled my inner Gilmore and thought where would Rachel consider “anywhere but here.”

That’s when I landed on it – Singapore.


What’s in Singapore? Well I know the Wall Street Journal once said it’s the most expensive city in the world to live in. Overlooking that fact (and a population of 6 million people), the city with the tropical climate and modernized architecture seemed like the perfect fit.

Naturally, I started doing my research with a lot of help from TripAdvisor. There are tons of botanical-style gardens, the zoo, Marina Bay (because who doesn’t love boats) and the Singapore Flyer which reminds me a lot of the London Eye.

A city of museums, walking tours, nature trails, and war memorials sounds like a great city to be in. I may not know a lot about the culture, but the more I researched the trip, the more I wanted to go. Plus, I wanted to go to more places around it – Jakarta, Phuket, Ho Chi Minh, Manila and anywhere else the wind could take me.

So to answer my writing prompt, I want to be the anywhere but here girl. I want to go Singapore and Southeast Asia. I want to travel the world and see what I can find and what I can learn. And who knows maybe one day this hypothetical trip can become a real one!

Singapore hero cro

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