100 Posts!


Y’ALL! We made it!

After diving into this craziness called blogging back in September, I have hit the 100 post mark, and it definitely feels celebratory worthy!

As I said when I first started my blog, I was scared. I had thought about it for a year, I recognized God was giving me a story to tell and I just kept telling myself the timing wasn’t right. Well honestly guys, if there’s anything I’ve learned the past couple years it’s that the timing is never going to be right. Eventually we just have to take the step and do, and that’s exactly what I did.

I have loved seeing my blog grow and all the fun feedback I’ve received. To those who read my blog regularly – y’all are awesome. To those who chime in from time to time – love y’all too (and thanks for keeping up with me!) And to my international followers – y’all are really awesome. I love seeing global pings pop up.

I thought long and hard about this post. I did 100 Things post earlier in the year, I guess I should have saved that one for this moment. (Oops). Then I thought about doing 100 thoughts I have while blogging, but my mind is it’s own pinball machine I knew that would be too crazy as well. I even thought about limiting this post to 100 words. Then I remembered 100 is a larger(er) number in itself and I should probably abandon this 100 shoutout thing.

So instead, I’ll leave y’all with a thank you (x100). See what I did there…?

Seriously, I have loved opening my heart to y’all. This blog has made me more vulnerable than I have been in a long time and I’ve realized that’s okay. I can’t wait for 100 more posts and see how things change from there. Until then, have 100 blessed seconds, minutes, days, whatever!

P.S. I promise I have a ton of blog post ideas. As I said, my mind is a pinball machine right now. Once I get it situated, I’ll get them posted. Stay tuned!

Oh and I chose the picture of the boat just because I thought it was awesome and I’m in love with the ocean/sailboats/all things nautical. Okay, I’m done. 🙂

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