Music Wednesday: Vacation Bible School

This week has been the craziness of vacation bible school, meaning this week I have been helping near-90 kids from 1st grade to 6th grade learn about missions. My dad and I have been teaching the kids about a family who planted a church in Atlanta, GA and a teenage boy who spent time helping family friends minister in South Asia.

There is no denying the week has been hectic, exhausting and everything else in between. However, the week has also been extremely rewarding. I have a heart for missions and I love being able to share that heart with these kids, even if it is in a 20 minute rotation schedule.

With all this being said, if you’ve ever been to a VBS then you understand how those theme songs have the tendency to get stuck in your head. All. Day. Long. Seriously, I can remember bits of VBS songs back to the 4th grade.

So, since the theme song is stuck in my head I figure why not share it with y’all as well! The theme of VBS this year is Submerged and we’re diving deep to learn about the one true God.

Therefore, I present to you now – Submerged

No worries, I’m sure I’ll stop singing this song by the time August rolls around. But since I still remember the song about a tumbleweed, that’s not likely.

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