Music Wednesday: American & Proud

Possibly it’s the because I’m on the East coast, maybe it’s because I went into D.C. on Sunday and heard the US Army Chorus perform, or maybe it’s just because I love this nation – no matter how you look at it, I have been feeling very patriotic this week.

Therefore, it’s only fitting this music Wednesday be dedicated to one of my favorite songs about this nation (next to the National Anthem of course).

There were so many songs I wanted to chose – Battle Hymn of the Republic, God Bless the U.S.A., You’re a Grand Old Flag, My Country ‘Tis of Thee, and even American Soldier by Toby Keith (sorry, but that song just makes me bawl my eyes out every time I hear it).

Well, with so many options dedicated to this wonderful nation, I chose one of my favorites – America the Beautiful!

This is the version by the US Navy Band Sea Chanters but there are so many others that are just as beautiful! The important part is what they mean to me and this nation!

Have a very patriotic Wednesday my friends!

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