Disaster Relief: Southeast Texas


In case you haven’t heard the past few days, and there is a chance you haven’t, Southeast Texas isn’t doing so hot right now. Residents are evacuating and Governor Abbott declared a state of disaster for 17 counties in the area (including the county I used to live in) due to disastrous floods.

During last weeks storms, high waters caused rivers and bayous to reach record highs, overwhelming the faction of small towns in the area. Interstate-10 on the Louisiana border was closed by the Texas Department of Transportation due to the floods.

Families across the area are experiencing water inside their homes, many above four feet. The town of Deweyville, a neighbor of my former town of Orange, has reported that churches, Post Offices, and hundreds of homes are underwater. Flood waters were expected to crest today and continue to crest in other towns in the area while residents patiently wait for the water to recede so they may return home.

My family lived on the Texas-Louisiana border for 10 years. We experienced a number of hurricanes but never anything as devastating as this. During this time, I just ask that you pray for this area and its residents. This is an incredibly hard time these people are going through and my heart breaks as I learn people I grew up with are losing their homes.

Deweyville High School. Photo: Houston Chronicle

At this time, groups are still gathering together for relief effort. If not already, Texas Baptist Men will be on-site soon to provide support. If you wish to learn more about the situation or to provide support, feel free to shoot me an email. This is certainly an area in need of our love, support, and prayers at the moment!

My heart is with you SETX!

Supplemental Information:
Beaumont Enterprise
Dallas Morning News


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