Texas Kind of Way


Let’s face it y’all, to quote Cody Johnson – no matter where I go, I’m always going to have that Texas kind of way about me (okay, maybe I paraphrased that a little bit). Still, I’m sure you see my point. I am a Texan born and raised, and quite proud of it too. I mean, what Texan isn’t?!

Therefore, the week of exciting news gets to continue! Texas is apart of me so much I will be sticking around for a little bit longer. Still confused? Alright I’ll just go ahead and tell you – your favorite Baylor grad and Waco PR girl is moving to DFW! Yesterday I accepted a job offer with a multi-level marketing firm based out of Irving!! Yes, I’m just a little excited!

I already have some ideas in my mind of future blog posts about life in DFW and how the marketing/PR markets compare to Waco, etc. Just stayed tuned.

I love Texas and Fort Worth will hands-down ALWAYS be my favorite town in this great state. We cannot deny that God’s plan is mind-blowing and I am so exciting to be making this stepping-stone into my career and this crazy thing in life called adulthood.

So my friends if you’re ever in the DFW area (preferably West of 360) keep an eye out for me! You know I’ll be at Rangers games, shows at Bass Hall, Josh Abbott concerts at Lone Star Park, and rodeos plus any other fun activities I can find at the Stockyards (because I’ll finally be able to agree with Casey Donahew that they’re my backyard).

Ending on a Josh Abbott note (of course), y’all know I’m like Texas and Texas definitely likes me!


P.S. In this very Texas-themed post, let’s not forget today is Texas Independence Day! 180 has never looked better on the greatest state in the world!


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