Music Wednesday: Rend Collective

Rend Collective is one of my all-time favorite worship bands. They have such fun and upbeat songs and I could just listen to them all day. Sure, they might be a little hipster around the edges but who doesn’t love a good song you can clap to?

Although (fun fact time) I’ve never been able to clap at sing at the same time. Twelve years of ballet and 10 years of choir, you’d think I’d be able to keep a beat but I guess not.

Anyway, Rend Collective is awesome, I love them, and I’ve wanted to post this song for a while so here it is! I present to you my favorite Rend Collective song – Build Your Kingdom Here!

Another great one by them is More Than Conquerors. Okay, have a great Wednesday y’all!!


Maryland Adventures: Quick Update

Hey guys!

I owe y’all an apology, I promised updates about my Maryland trip for work and I have failed…miserably. Believe it or not, I have been working my butt off since I have been here.

I am really exhausted so I don’t have the time to do long posts now, but no worries because posts about lessons I have learned and things I have seen (plus the Maryland Blue Crab I have eaten) are coming. Also keep an eye out for a special Easter edition post. This was my first Easter I have ever spent away from my family, but it ended up being pretty amazing!

I also think I’m going into Fell’s Point Historic District and the Inner Harbor tomorrow to see some light show and go to a music festival so for someone as nautical as obsessed as me it should be a great time!

Have a great week everyone and see y’all when I get back to Texas!

P.S. The Department of Defense held a commemorative ceremony for Vietnam Veteran’s Day. A wreath was laid at the memorial in D.C. and it was beautiful. Most importantly, THANK YOU to all Vietnam veterans for the sacrifices y’all made. I can never express my gratitude enough.

Music Wednesday: American & Proud

Possibly it’s the because I’m on the East coast, maybe it’s because I went into D.C. on Sunday and heard the US Army Chorus perform, or maybe it’s just because I love this nation – no matter how you look at it, I have been feeling very patriotic this week.

Therefore, it’s only fitting this music Wednesday be dedicated to one of my favorite songs about this nation (next to the National Anthem of course).

There were so many songs I wanted to chose – Battle Hymn of the Republic, God Bless the U.S.A., You’re a Grand Old Flag, My Country ‘Tis of Thee, and even American Soldier by Toby Keith (sorry, but that song just makes me bawl my eyes out every time I hear it).

Well, with so many options dedicated to this wonderful nation, I chose one of my favorites – America the Beautiful!

This is the version by the US Navy Band Sea Chanters but there are so many others that are just as beautiful! The important part is what they mean to me and this nation!

Have a very patriotic Wednesday my friends!

D.C. in Pictures

Alrighty guys, today I had the day off. Obviously I wasn’t going to just sit around the hotel room all day, so I did what anyone in Maryland would do on their day off – drive into Washington D.C. (DUH! What did you think I was going to say??)

I was as ecstatic as anyone has ever seen me (even though the day started off on a rough patch). I was very, very, very happy today! So instead of posting about everything I saw and what not, I just figured I would show y’all pictures instead. I didn’t get to see much, but it was still fun!


The National Archives


Me, ecstatically standing outside the Archives
Snapchat had some really cool filters in D.C.
The FBI building
The painting Allied Day
Napoleon showing off his sass
Feeling fabulous with Louis XIV
Seriously, Snapchat had some really cool filters
The Smithsonian Castle
The Washington Monument
I’ve always loved these flags around the Washington Monument
WWII Memorial
A huge thank you and I love you to my Poppie for fighting in this battle
The Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool (that actually had water this time!)

Well that’s all for now, folks! Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be going back next weekend (that is if I can’t convince everyone to make the trip down to Virginia Beach!!)

Maryland Adventures


If you would have told me three months ago that at the age of 21 I would be the person packing last minute to fly across the nation for a business trip, I probably would have laughed in your face. Actually, there is no probably. I would have laughed in your face. But I mean, it’s the dream right? Getting your flight, hotel, and all that jazz paid for. Feeling official boarding a plan in a nice pair of khakis, a navy blue blazer, and a nice coral necklace for an added pop of color. You feel top-notch, like those important people you see in the movies or on Wall Street (except your business pro outfit didn’t cost $800+).

Yet the likelihood of this dream actually becoming a reality remains simply that, a dream. Unless you are seriously well-connected, how else can a 21 year old just pack up and fly out last minute for 2 weeks? It’s crazy, right? Am I right? We know I’m right.

What if I told you it was possible? How crazy would you think I was? Would you think I was lying to you? Or do you think I have a job that pays well into the six figures every year? I can assure you none of these are true. I’m not crazy (well psychologically speaking anyway), I’m not lying to you, and I definitely do not have a job that pays six figures every year.

On the exterior, I am your average 21 year old. I literally just graduated college. I have a job that requires a lot of hard work and a lot of long hours. I am still trying to figure my life out. I am still trying to make my dreams a reality. And most importantly, I am still a kid at heart. Seriously, unless you’re in the military (which if you are, then mad props to you, you are awesome), we are probably quite similar when it comes to the job market.

Internally, I’m not a 21 year old. I constantly have to remind myself it was only a couple months ago I graduated college. I look at the potential in my job and am blown away at the possibility of where I could be in a year. At times I see my life falling unexpectedly yet perfectly into place and just have to sit back and smile.

In fact, I have never necessarily been average for my age at all. Being the perfectionist I am, I always strive push harder and to do more. I always want to be more mature than my actual age. I always want to prove I can make it with “the big boys” per say. But I wouldn’t say there is one thing I did or didn’t do that has helped me out along the way. The bottom line is I have simply been blessed. Really, truly blessed.

Yesterday I departed Dallas Lovefield Airport, flew a blue and orange plane branded with Southwest Airlines in bright, bold and white letters, and spent 2 hours and 40 minutes crammed (well, not really crammed. I am a little person after all) between two gentlemen for Maryland. Yes my friends, you read that correctly, I am in Maryland.

Why am I in Maryland? I’m so glad you asked. The company I work for has done so well representing our clients in DFW, their appointment books are quite literally backed up for weeks. In so doing, they have analyzed other markets across the nation and decided to outsource people from my office to other locations and companies. Hence why I am in Maryland (others remained in Dallas but are training with a new client). I am apparently so good at what I do, it’s time for me to go aid and learn with another market.

If you are shocked then understand you are not alone. I was probably more shocked than you are. After all, I have only been at this company “officially” for two weeks now. Crazy, right? Yet here I am sitting at a hotel in Maryland ready to hit the ground running (and probably about to get my butt kicked too).

I understand this kind of lifestyle is not for everyone. Some people love home and prefer to stay at home. That’s awesome. If that’s you, then by all means please embrace that. You can do amazing things from home. Myself? I’m one of those busybodies. I get uncomfortable being in one place too long. I love travel. There is a reason I’m getting a graduate degree in International Affairs after all. I think I said yes to this opportunity before my boss could even finish getting the sentence out.

I guess at the end of the day, I am just so surprised I am getting chances, I am taking baby steps, toward living out my dream so early. It has always seemed so far off and like I haven’t put in the “right” work to reach that point, but isn’t that the funny way God’s plan tends to work? We never know how He will answer our prayers or fulfill His promises to us, it just kind of happens. You could be like me and pretty much hate surprises, but our Father surprises us in the absolute best ways possible. It’s truly incredible.

I want to emphasize I am not on this trip because of anything I did on my own merit. All I have prayed this week is that I would embrace my job and God would use me to open doors and be a light for Him. I am on this trip because of the work God is doing through me. Remember my post about Those No-Good, Dirty, Rotten Mondays? The same principle is applicable here. The work I do, no matter what it is, is for the glory of God and God alone.

As I explore the Maryland for the next couple weeks, I am excited to learn and I am excited to grow. I am excited to see the opportunities God has for me. Something tells me this is all apart of His plan. Even my dad told me he sees the scenario of me calling to inform them I have been offered a job in Alexandria, VA (hey, definitely NO complaints there if that were to happen).

But on a serious note, these truly are about to be some of the hardest two work weeks of my life. Yet I’ll never get to where I want to be in life I am not willing to put forth the work.

This is also a networking opportunity. Going back to the comment from my dad, who knows who I will meet while I am here. Old friends, new faces, potential bosses, I am seriously open to it all.

This is going to be really fun guys and I am really excited for this opportunity. I promise I am going to try and update as much as I can. You can also check my twitter regularly and the new Instagram I created specifically for this blog for a look at the happenings in my Maryland adventures.

Let’s go on this journey together! I am sure it’s going to be a great one!

The link to the new Instagram is @_gilliamgirl. Keep up with my adventures in D.C. tomorrow! I’m happier than a little kid on Christmas Eve!!



Music Wednesday: For My Father

As promised, last week I dedicated a music Wednesday to my momma so it is only fitting that this week it be dedicated to my daddy.

My dad and I listen to a number of music together (seriously, from 70s, 80s, occasionally country, and even Big Band). However, lately there has been a certain set of musical adventures on my dad’s mind and mine as well.

My dad LOVES Guardians of the Galaxy. I mean he loves it. My sister and I got him the soundtrack for Christmas and I think it made his day (we’ll ignore the fact he also got a MacBook Pro).

So daddy, this one’s for you!

Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede

Also, simply because I know he loves it so much here’s the video of Baby Groot dancing to the Jackson 5!

Disaster Relief: Southeast Texas


In case you haven’t heard the past few days, and there is a chance you haven’t, Southeast Texas isn’t doing so hot right now. Residents are evacuating and Governor Abbott declared a state of disaster for 17 counties in the area (including the county I used to live in) due to disastrous floods.

During last weeks storms, high waters caused rivers and bayous to reach record highs, overwhelming the faction of small towns in the area. Interstate-10 on the Louisiana border was closed by the Texas Department of Transportation due to the floods.

Families across the area are experiencing water inside their homes, many above four feet. The town of Deweyville, a neighbor of my former town of Orange, has reported that churches, Post Offices, and hundreds of homes are underwater. Flood waters were expected to crest today and continue to crest in other towns in the area while residents patiently wait for the water to recede so they may return home.

My family lived on the Texas-Louisiana border for 10 years. We experienced a number of hurricanes but never anything as devastating as this. During this time, I just ask that you pray for this area and its residents. This is an incredibly hard time these people are going through and my heart breaks as I learn people I grew up with are losing their homes.

Deweyville High School. Photo: Houston Chronicle

At this time, groups are still gathering together for relief effort. If not already, Texas Baptist Men will be on-site soon to provide support. If you wish to learn more about the situation or to provide support, feel free to shoot me an email. This is certainly an area in need of our love, support, and prayers at the moment!

My heart is with you SETX!

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