120 Thoughts I Had While Running the Cowtown


Because what else are you supposed to think about for 6.2 miles?

1. Okay, race day. Let’s do this.
2. I should probably stretch.
3. Knee brace? Ankle brace? Good.
4. I hope I don’t die today.
5. Corral 3 is so empty.
6. I can see where I fall on the food chain.
7. National Anthem time. I’m getting chills.
8. Corral 1 is starting.
9. Eye of the Tiger. The only fitting song to begin a race.
10. “Elite runners.” Must be nice.
11. Party Rock Anthem. Interesting choice for Corral 2.
12. Corral 3’s song is probably going to be something like Turn Down For What.
13. Oh our song is Zombie Nation.
14. They really have faith in us.
15. Oh I accidentally started my watch.
17. I hope those 0.04 seconds don’t affect my time.
18. Cross the chip.
19. Start watch.
20. LET’S GO.

Mile 1:
21. And we’re off.
22. Gosh there are so many people.
23. Will Rogers Memorial Center is so pretty.
24. I miss the Stockshow.
25. I need to go back eventually.
26. Ugh…walkers.
27. Please get out of the way.
28. Alright, now we’re trucking along.
29. I’m feeling pretty good.
30. Wait, mile one is over?
31. Okay, 5 more miles to go.

Mile 2:
32. I’m surprised at the amount of energy I have.
33. These are nice houses.
34. Hey, that yard sign says Bo French.
35. Better stop real quick to take a picture.
36. Close Craft. Run for Texas House. I like it.
37. Ft. Worth is so pretty.
38. My knee hurts
39. Oh hey, mile 2 is already over.

Mile 3:
40. Just keep on running.
41. Do I have to pee?
42. I really hope I don’t have to pee.
43. Ugh, why did the path get so narrow?
44. My knee hurts.
45. Oh one of those flag runners.
46. I’m going to stay with them.
47. These flag people are so cool.
48. “Enriching the lives of Veterans.” How do I join this organization?
49. Major Campbell. Well Major Campbell, thank you for your service.
50. I wonder if the Wounded Warrior Project run is still in Irving?
51. I need to look that up.
52. I would so run in that race.
53. I bet it’s awesome.
54. I need to research the Marine Corps Marathon.
55. If there is only one marathon I ever run, I want it to be that one.
56. Plus, Marines give you water.
57. I would be all over that.
58. I need a dri-fit shirt about the military.
59. Or I could wear my Captain American shirt.
60. Or a shirt that says “Not all superheroes wear capes.”
61. I want socks with the American flag on them.
62. End of mile 3. Solid.

Mile 4:
63. I should probably take a breather walk now.
64. My knee hurts.
65. Now my left ankle hurts.
66. Why does my left ankle hurt?
67. This is supposed to be my good ankle.
68. Oh I lost Major Campbell.
69. Time to start running again.
70. Found him. We’re good.
71. Hey that lady’s flag has RIP on it.
72. That’s so sad.
73. I could do that and it could say “RIP Shane Lee Goldman.”
74. I will never forget that.
75. Okay keep running.
76. How much longer until this mile is over?
77. I should be finding mom and Aria soon.
78. Finally done! That mile was tough.

Mile 5:
79. Ugh why is my hip so tight?
80. I guess I should walk for a little bit.
81. Keep breathing.
82. Oh there they are!
83. Aria gave me a high five. Definitely motivation.
84. Dang, I accidentally grabbed Gatorade. I wanted water.
85. Now I really need to go to the bathroom.
86. Once I start running again, I will not stop.
87. My knee hurts.
88. Why are there so many hills at the end of this race?
89. I see the coliseum.
90. So close now.
91. Time to pick up the pace.


Mile 6:
92. So. Close.
93. Time to start sprinting.
94. My knee really hurts.
95. How long does .2 miles take?!
96. I see the finish line.
97. Time to sprint hard.
98. I’m smoking all these people.
100. Done.

101. So glad that’s over.
102. Alright keep walking people.
103. Where’s the medal people?
104. I want my medal.
105. Just give me the medal!
106. No, I don’t need the after race picture.
107. I just want food.
108. FOOD.
109. Cookies? Yogurt? That’s cool, but where are the bananas?
110. I need a banana.
111. My whole body hurts.
112. I’m ready for Pancake House…even though it’s purple now.
113. I really despise TCU.
114. Did I stop my watch?
115. Better log this on MapMyRun.
117. My face feels disgusting.
118. I’m ready to go home and take a nap.
119. My knee still hurts.
120. So, when’s the next race?


Until next time friends! Keep running!

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