Music Wednesday: Fight Songs

I have something a little different for music Wednesday this week – fight songs!

These are in fact fight songs played by bands for schools because no matter what these songs will always mean something to me! I know this is different but don’t lose me now…there’s a surprise at the end!

Starting with high school:
Okay so I went to Little Cypress Mauriceville for 10 years of my life. YouTube doesn’t actually have any videos with the LCM fight song in it, so I had to settle for the school song, however the song still resonates with me. After all, I spent my entire childhood at football games listening to it!

I love Baylor. In fact, I love Baylor more than I ever expected to love Baylor. So whenever I hear the Baylor fight song, I will always yell “Baylor Bears fight!”

ANNNNNND here’s the surprise – GRAD SCHOOL:
That’s right, friends! Today I was accepted into the Master of Arts, Public Policy program at Liberty University!! To celebrate this exciting day, I present to you now the Liberty University fight song!

Told ya I had a surprise for music Wednesday! 🙂

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