But I’m A Gilmore!

If you don’t like Gilmore Girls then my impression of you will drop tremendously (not really, but how would you feel if I didn’t like your favorite TV show?)

I LOVE Gilmore Girls. It is my favorite show ever. From the beginning of time I can remember spending my summers watching the show every morning at 10 am on ABC Family. When Netflix released the show in October 2014 I was ecstatic. I got out of class that day and immediately trekked home to crawl in bed, drink some coffee, and ignore my responsibilities with the rest of the townspeople of Stars Hollow.

I cannot count how many times I have seen the show all the way through. Every Gilmore Girls fan has that one episode that always makes them feel better (My favorite is season 5 episode 10 “But Not as Cute as Pushkin”).

Doesn’t everyone love the smell of books?

Yet few things can top watching all seven seasons of the show. The rapid-fire dialogue brimming with pop culture references is a rare and satisfying find.

So a post that has been a long time coming – Definitive reasons why Gilmore Girls is the best show ever.

  1. Friday Night Dinners – The reason for the show in the first place, right? Lorelai needs money to send her daughter, Rory, to the ritzy Chilton school so she can get into Harvard. She gets a loan from her ridiculously rich parents. The only condition is dinner every Friday at 7. Make sure the candles are six inches apart.
  2. Stars Hollow (and it’s residents). Does anyone live it a town that has legit town meetings anymore? Because Stars Hollow does. Does any town celebrate the fact that a bunch of revolutionary soldiers sat in the snow all night for a battle that didn’t happen? Because Stars Hollow does. This town also has a festival every other week, takes sides when the inn owner and diner owner break up, and seems to have a problem with troubadours.
  3. Paris Gellar. Quite the unexpected character Paris. She’s smart, competitive, and only slightly off her rocker (well, enough to need a life coach). I think we all have a love/hate relationship with Paris while acknowledging deep down we are a little bit like Paris Gellar.
  4. The pop culture references. While media producers are known to make pop culture references for their fellow producers (all the episodes of One Tree Hill are named after music in some way), Gilmore Girls has it out in the open. I legitimately learned more by watching this show because if I didn’t know what they were referencing I wanted to know!
  5. The love interests. Whether your team Dean, Jess, or Logan for Rory (*cough cough* Logan) or Team Max, Luke, or that one coffee guy for Lorelai, there is no denying this show had quite the rollercoaster of suitors for the Gilmore Girls. P.S. Logan was the only one to give Rory a cute nickname.
  6. Melissa McCarthy. Yes long before her time on Bridesmaids, Melissa McCarthy played the one-and-only, accident-prone Sookie St. James. Chef for the Independence Inn and later chef and part owner for the Dragonfly Inn. Sookie and Jackson arguing over produce instantly makes any episode more hilarious. Plus she can cook a magical risotto.
  7. The mother-daughter relationship. Rory and Lorelai are both flawed but the entire show focuses on how Lorelai managed to turn her teenage pregnancy into a positive experience while mending her relationship with her parents in the process. I think every girl desired to have a relationship with her mom like Rory. Felonies, heartbreaks, love/hate relationships with Christopher, these two proved it is possible for mothers and daughters to fight through everything together and still be best friends.

I could always go on about this show but instead I’ll just end with the tip you should sit down and watch it (you’ll also be prepared for the Netflix revival coming soon)! You’ll be saying “oy with the poodles already!” and earning the approval of Mrs. Kim in no time!


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