Being a Blogger


I am the first to admit I don’t have a “niche” for my blog. Some people blog about fitness, travel, makeup, frugal living, parenting and the list simply goes on. First of all, I say props to those people. I don’t have near enough expertise to tell someone the latest makeup trends/secrets and about 95% of the things I cook are from recipes I found on Pinterest from other bloggers!

Often times it can be easy to get discouraged as a blogger. I’ve read a lot of articles lately on how people make money off their blogs. I guess I just never entered into the blogosphere with the intent on making money, mostly because I wasn’t aware that was a legit thing (oops, oh well).

Professionally, I have posted about social media because I love social media. I like to at least try to stay on top of the tech savvy world. Plus, as someone who aspires to work in public affairs/communications one day I need to study the way different audiences can be reached. I would say that’s the most important thing I’ve learned as a blogger so far – never stop learning (also my personality in a nutshell. I’ve always loved learning). You never know where inspiration can come from.

I am first and foremost a writer. I always have been. While the “expression” writings I do may not make it on to my blog, and I may not be submitting to Thought Catalog or The Odyssey every week, this blog is still my baby and I am happy I took the leap of faith to create it in the first place! (Waiting over a year is normal, right??)

This blog is me. Your blog should be you! So keep on learning and keep on writing my friends because few things are as cathartic as getting your thoughts down on paper.

Love y’all!


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