Music Wednesday: Carrie Underwood Edition

So maybe this is something I haven’t been as vocal about. We know I love Josh Abbott, Cody Johnson, and Gary Allan. Yet I haven’t talked as much about the female country signers I love (Oops, sorry!).

Well…Those awesome ladies of country would be Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and Kacey Musgraves.

In order to show these ladies some love, music Wednesday is dedicated to Carrie Underwood AND she will get 5 songs listed! I mean I did see her for my 14th birthday and she was AMAZING! She definitely deserves some love because man can she sing!

5. Before He Cheats (It’s just a classic Carrie hit!)

4. Just Can’t Live a Lie (I feel like it goes overlooked, but it’s one of my favs)

3. See You Again (Am I the only one who sobs at our amazing troops in this video?)

2. Something in the Water (I cried the first time I heard this song plus TRAVIS WALL IS IN THAT SWOON WORTHY DANCER IN THE MUSIC VIDEO!)

1. Just A Dream (Seriously, I bawl my eyes out every time I hear this song. I even cried at her concert)

P.S. I’m still mad I missed the dance auditions for the Something in the Water music video. I would have loved to be in it!


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