Music Wednesday: Josh Abbott Band

Alrighty folks, we all know I’m head-over-heels for Josh Abbott. It was only a matter of time before a music Wednesday was dedicated to him. However, since I love him so much I couldn’t pick only one song (it was simply WAY too difficult).

So, this music Wednesday will feature my top five Josh Abbott songs.

And sadly…I still feel like I’m leaving songs out. I’m sorry! I can’t help it!!

5. Let My Tears Be Still (A BEAUTIFUL tribute to our troops)

4. She Don’t Break (The Chimy’s Sessions version because it’s better)

3. She Will Be Free (AKA anthem for my life)

2. Ghosts (#AllTheFeels)

1. Electric Skies (Unparalleled and forever my favorite)

P.S. Don’t forget JAB staple hits like “Oh, Tonight” “She’s Like Texas” “Taste” “Touch” and “Amnesia” Okay, I’m done! 🙂


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