Definitive Things I’ve Learned From Running


It was a hot and I mean HOT afternoon in July 2013 when I got home from work and decided my day was so bad I just needed to go for a run. The feeling I received from using running to relieve my stress was everything I didn’t know I needed. I fell in love with running.

As time went on, I pushed myself to do more and try harder. When my life felt like it was falling apart, running held me together. Running gave me something to work for. Running made sense in my life when nothing else did.

Although running and I have had our ups and downs (LOTS of ups and downs), I still love the sport. So, I’ve decided to share a completely fun list of things I’ve learned from running:

  1. Your first run will probably suck.
  2. Your second run will probably suck too.
  3. Things do get better, I promise.
  4. Hills are nightmares.
  5. But there is nothing better than the feeling of conquering a hill.
  6. You’re a pedestrian. You have the right-of-way.
  7. Running is the epitome of mind over matter.
  8. Don’t think you can jump that curb. Just don’t.
  9. You will hurt your ankle.
  10. You’ll begin to feel your blisters around mile five.
  11. Never underestimate the importance of pace.
  12. You will be surprised to learn how strong your body is when you run at least 2 miles everyday and it’s 100 degrees outside.
  13. There is a difference between running on the road and running trails.
  14. The right pair of running shoes can change your life.
  15. Your knee brace will want to fall off.
  16. MapMyRun is your best friend until your phone dies.
  17. Finding the right headband is extremely important when you have thick hair.
  18. So is figuring out if ponytails, messy buns, or braids work best to keep your hair up.
  19. You can’t compare yourself to others.
  20. Unless you’re at the finish line, then (if you’re competitive) you’ll want to beat as many people as possible.
  21. You’re going to want to give up and go home.
  22. Don’t.
  23. Always look forward and never look back (literally).
  24. Running alone is incredibly comfortable and relaxing.
  25. Your body will adjust to running in the cold.
  26. Running in the rain is really fun, even when you can barely see.
  27. Socks are just as important as the rest of your running gear.
  28. Once you run outside, you’ll never want to run a treadmill again.
  29. You will become addicted.
  30. The best feeling in the world is finishing a race. (Seriously, there will be tears).
After my very first race, the Cowtown 10k
After the Jalapeño Half & 5k
After the Hot Chocolate 15k
After the Bearathon

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