All You Need Are Smiles

Random thought of the day – sometimes we all needs things that do nothing else except simply make us smile. Things that make our hearts warm and give us that little crack on the side of our face while still somehow creating a sparkle in our eyes.

Getting my computer back from the Apple genius? You bet I smiled. Finding an episode of Criminal Minds I had never seen before? I definitely smiled (while I texted my dad in shock). Yet one thing that can always, and I mean ALWAYS, make me smile (though sometimes cry) are videos of soldiers. Soldiers coming home, soldiers sending shoutouts to their families, you name it and I will watch it. I guarantee you I will be beaming with happiness the entire time.

Not too long ago, I saw one video that absolutely takes the cake. It combines my favorite things – this nation’s military and worshipping God. Better yet, it’s the U.S. Marines worshipping God! Few things are as awe-inspiring as watching people worship their heavenly Father, especially seeing men so excited and unafraid to proclaim their love for God!

So here it is, the video that made my day and makes me smile every, single time I think about it. Members of the United States Marine Corps singing The Days of Elijah, which (of course) is one of my favorite worship songs. I would have loved to have been with the ones of the front row clearly having a blast! Who doesn’t love a song with hand motions?!


P.S. My heart goes out to those in Texas and across the South who have been affected by these crazy storms. Know that we are standing behind y’all!


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