That Good Old Baylor Line

  That good old Baylor line! That good old Baylor line! We’ll march forever down the years, as long as stars shall shine. We’ll fling our green and gold afar to light the ways of time, and guide us as we onward go; that good old Baylor line!

Three years. Three months. 27 days. That is how long it had been since I started school at Baylor University. I can guarantee that three years, three months, and 27 days ago I did not expect my college experience to be so unbelievably perfect. 

Three years ago I came to college ready to simply grow up and move on with my life. Three years ago I thought I knew exactly how my life would turn out. Three years later I have never been so thankful for an incredible time in my life. 

My college experience consisted of a colliding of worlds. The experience was a time of self-discovery. I had to journey down the sidewalks of fountain mall (which finally has a fountain again) day in and day out, facing both friends and unfamiliar faces, to become the culmination of the person I was created to be. Whether it was studying Latin in the laundry room of SoRo, discussing post-modernism in Tidwell, sharing donuts with Johnny Jefferson in the BSB, or accidentally pulling all-nighters in the library, everything about college led me down a path, though sometimes winding and broken, to the realization Baylor is my home. I will always cherish the memories I made at Baylor, both the good and the bad. 

Beyond the red, brick walls, hidden rhinos, and always freshly watered sidewalks of this beloved campus, there is something more profound and historic to Baylor than having the NoZe brothers interrupt chapel or sitting on Judge Baylor’s lap, and I’m not talking about how Baylor was a university before Texas was a state. Baylor’s Christian value undoubtedly had an affect on my life. My faith has reached the strongest it has ever been during my time here. This would not have been possible without the people currently surrounding me. 

My journey has ended. Though I counted down the days, hours, minutes, and at times seconds, I’ve never felt so thankful or happy in my life. Yet, to think I reached this moment on my own would be ludicrous. While the campus I have loved so much since my tour back in 2011 (or even my cousin’s doctoral graduation if we wish to get technical) has always been there to warm my heart, beyond the Baylor bubble exists a world extremely real and entirely my own. A world of flesh and bone, utter love, complete inspiration, and far superior than Baylor could ever give me.

To my friends – thank you for always standing by my side. Thank you for loving me in different ways. Thank you for simply being y’all. Whether it was Caroline and I fitting in a XXL dress, Michelle and I complaining about Texas Rising, Haley and I having entire conversations in Gilmore Girls quotes, or Kaelan and I playing 1 to 10 every time we go to Chuy’s, something tells me the relationships I have made will last a lifetime. 

To my family – thank you for always supporting me (and Baylor). I know a select few of y’all are thankful I didn’t to go to A&M. Y’all were always ready to watch Baylor sports with me, and always willing to throw sic ’ems with me, except for the one who still prefers to hook ’em (looking at you brother-in-law). I am blessed by each one of y’all and the time we have shared throughout this journey. 

To Rachel – I’m not even sure where to begin. There is no other person I would rather call my best friend. You stood up for me at a time I needed you the most. You are always there when I need you. I cannot imagine a day without you in my life. To reference one of our favorite quotes you are bold and fearless, and you have a loving heart; you are poised and graceful, and so wonderfully smart. Thank you for being my sister. 

To Momma and Daddy – If being at a loss of words with Rachel was hard, then this is going to be near impossible. Thank you for promising me a bachelor’s degree so many years ago, none of this would be possible without you. Y’all are kind and unfailing in love. You have been twin pillars that have supported the crazy dreams for my life while remaining a voice of reason when my head gets stuck in the clouds. You have always picked me up when I fell and pushed me to become something greater every day. Whether it’s mom and I singing Sweet Dreams or dad and I arguing about the bourgeoisie, my life has consistently been filled with joy because of y’all. While you may have raised an incredibly stubborn and independent daughter, please know I will always be your baby girl. With tear-filled eyes, I thank you for the unsurpassing inspiration y’all provide for me in this life. 

Three years, three months, and 27 days. My journey at Baylor has ended but I am filled with excitement to see where life will lead me next. The road may continue to be winding and broken, but that is what fills life with such great adventure. No matter where I stand on this road, I will always fling my green and gold afar. I have never been more proud to be apart of that good old Baylor line!

Sic ’em class of 2015!


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