At Last I See the Light


I’ve always felt there must be more than this provincial life but I’ve always wondered how I am to find it. How am I to find more? How am I to find who I want to be? How am I to fulfill my dreams?

I have always dreamed of being a Disney princess. I don’t know who WOULDN’T want to be a Disney princess! Perfect hair, big castles, adventures, and of course meeting the prince (unless that prince is Flynn Rider, then he’s only brought to you by a horse).

At last, my dream came true. Santa made his arrival at Richland Mall in Waco and I got to join him in his entrance, letting go of everything else along the way. I was finally a shooting star and I can no longer go back to where I used to be.


Initially the night started out slow and I was cold. I was standing outside the entrance of the mall getting funny stares and wondering why I agreed to participate in this event. Yet I was continually reminding myself I was finally fulfilling my dream of being in a princess and it was pure perfection. I was more popular than Santa himself! All the little girls wanted pictures with Elsa, all the little boys wanted to hug Elsa, and all the parents wanted Elsa to hold their twin babies. I’ve never felt more like a politician in my life. But the whole experience was worth it.

I didn’t know how big of a deal this Santa parade at the mall was every year, but apparently it’s as popular as your Texas high school homecoming parade. In comparison, it might has well have been the Main Street Electrical Parade at Magic Kingdom. Everyone in the Waco area showed up, and I mean everyone. Riesel, West, Lorena, Midway, Axtell, Gholson, literally every small town surrounding the Waco area was there. There was a drum line, the Chick-fil-a cow, an elementary school choir, and of course Fiats. All the strings were pulled and nothing was held back for Santa. At the end of the day, I truly was living the dream.

However, I cannot take all the credit. Along with Elsa, Allen Samuels Fiat Alfa Romeo also had appearances from Spider-Man, Woody and Jesse, and a couple of elves. While we all cracked jokes about how we got suckered into dressing up in these ridiculous costumes, I think I can speak for everyone when I say the night became incredibly rewarding. I got to see kids truly happy that Elsa showed up, even if they constantly asked me where Anna was and how Sven was doing.


I may not have been a Disney princess at Walt Disney World, and I did try to make a break for it at one point (I’m sorry but I can only hold so many babies plus I was hungry for some La Fiesta) but at the end of the day I was FINALLY a princess. I had a blast and personally, I think could I give the Elsa at Disney World in Florida a run for her money. Although, I do now have mad respect for the real Disney princess because I can’t imagine having to be bombarded every day for pictures. And keeping a smile plastered on my face quickly made my jaw hurt. However, while there are many things I could “complain” about, as a young girl my heart a made a wish and I got to live my dream.

I would also like to point out that I had previously made friends with a plethora of animals including squirrels, birds, goats, and a donkey.

I learned the most fantastic, magical things can happen, and it all starts with a wish. I kept dreaming my dreams and constantly reminding myself even miracles take a little time.

So go to wonderland, live an awfully big adventure, and always remember the right pair of shoes can change your life. Just don’t dishonor your cow in the process, you don’t want to end up as a poor unfortunate soul.

Once a Disney princess, always a Disney princess.


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