Gobble, Wobble and Football


Ah, Thanksgiving. The one day a year where it is considered acceptable to have a food coma (because who doesn’t enjoy that?) Turkey, giblet gravy, cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and the list goes on.

Unlike the annual Gossip Girl episode, Thanksgiving remains pretty low-key at my house. We cook, we eat, we sleep, and we watch Cowboys football. I wouldn’t have the traditions any other way. Plus, win or lose, Cowboys football just makes for a good time. Unless the Cowboys defense decides to give me a heart attack, then it’s slightly difficult to have a good time.

Like most years, Thanksgiving was small in my house this year. Myself, my parents, and my grandmother. We had a brined turkey along with many delicious sides. The best (or worst) part of Thanksgiving, however, was what has come to be known as #KnifeRestFail.

You see, my mom has this thing for knife rests. They are exactly what the name says they are – a little balance bar to place your knife on so it does not have to sit on your plate or get the table dirty.

In the status of “low-key” my mom decided not to use knife rests UNTIL my knife fell off my plate and hit the turkey plate. I mean my gosh, none of this would have happened if I would have only had my knife rest. Thanksgiving was ruined. (Not really, my dad and I just like to give my mom a hard time)

We have become spoiled. Even during a low-key Thanksgiving dinner of yummy food and the Detroit/Philly game, we still need our knife rests!

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful, and as thankful I am for my mom’s knife rests keeping my knife from falling everywhere, I’m more thankful to simply be home with my family. (Plus, leftovers. I am a college student after all)

So happy Thanksgiving everyone! Whether you are at home or off abroad somewhere, I hope you enjoy this day and eat as much food as y’all’s hearts desire. And remember, a turkey sandwich is a great use of leftovers.



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