Gail Rhymes With Sail

Research papers are stressful. Beyond stressful. As a history major, I have written my fair share of research papers, however, that does not keep my mind from becoming complete mush during paper time.

A week of all-nighters, forgetting to eat, and endless amounts of coffee lead me to interesting Twitter rambles around 3 a.m. By the time the madness is over, I am completely delirious.

Yesterday, I worked for 20 hours straight on my last research paper for undergrad. Believe me, the feeling of being finished is wonderful, yet the process of reaching this moment was certainly a journey.

The usual layout of my kitchen table during research paper times

This week, instead of taking to Twitter as my primary form of procrastination to discuss Russian nationalist composers with myself, I remembered a video Haley showed me on YouTube. A 30-second video of a cat that I watched on repeat for countless hours. Yes, I became the person to watch cat videos.

However, there is a story behind the cat video. Almost a year ago when Kaelan and I met working at a gym, I remained a quiet and reserved person. Kaelan, being an extremely extroverted and entertaining person, did everything possible to break me out of my shell. One day when I was very focused on a project and not responding to him, he started calling out random nicknames to me in efforts to get my attention. Out of all the nicknames he came up with that day, the one that stuck was Gail (the runner-up was G-Money). I can easily say this is the day he became my best friend.

As I said, Gail stuck. Gail stuck because I hated being called Gail. I have no fear admitting how much I love it now (although I still prefer it when my friends call me Abs). So how does the cat video relate to Gail? Much to my distress one day, Haley told Kaelan and I we needed to go on YouTube to watch the cat sail video. Why? Because Gail rhymes with sail.

We watched the video and as if Gail was not already my nickname, there was no going back after this. The video really is hilarious, and in my delusional state it was exactly the study break I needed. Sometimes I run 300 mph for so long I forget to take a break and do mindless things, like watch cat videos on YouTube.

Research papers are important, but taking mental health breaks to do things like eating, playing on Twitter, and watching YouTube is even more important. I never would have imaged to be so thankful for a cat video to become such an important video in my life, but in a sense of nostalgia, the video will always remind me of these hilarious moments in my life.

Enjoy the video as much as my friends and I do. Remember to always think of me in my crazy, stressed state when you hear “sail.” Believe me, it will be worth it.

P.S. – S/O to Kaelan for cooking me dinner last night. As I said, when I study I tend to forget to eat. I’m not sure I would have survived my last research paper if it weren’t for him. What are best friends for, right?

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