Scary, Spooky but Mostly Goofy

Halloween is one of those days where you never know who you will encounter. People are becoming more and more creative with their costumes, and pop culture references are becoming even more popular.

On Saturday, Allen Samuels DCJ hosted two Halloween contests – one for the staff and one for the public. After seeing pictures of previous years, I knew my coworkers really got into Halloween. However, when I put on my high school cheerleading uniform to relive the glory days, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

My early morning Snapchat for Halloween

Costumes ranged from bikers, to football players, to the Grudge girl, and we even had a tree. For as weird as some costumes got, I will say the day gave my coworkers and I good bonding time. We got to goof off and ignore responsibilities of the day, even if it was just for a little bit.

Juan, myself, and Chris
Brandy and I
Trey and I

The staff costume contest winners were chosen by our sales and finance managers. In fifth place was Brittaney Whiteman as a whiskey girl. Fourth place was Chanee Stewart as Catwoman. Third place was Michael Dixon as Nick Fury. Second place was Mike Giacometti as Immortan Joe (Mad Max). Our overall winner was AJ Johnson as a tree.

Brittaney Whiteman
Chanee Stewart
Michael Dixon
Mike Giacometti
AJ Johnson

La Ley radio in Waco co-sponsored the public Halloween contest with Allen Samuels DCJ. This was a whole new experience for me. As the kids came in, I was in charge of taking their pictures and getting them posted to the dealership website for people to vote on. I have never dealt with the dealership website before, therefore I was confused beyond belief. I called three different tech support lines before I was finally directed to the correct location. After two hours of fighting with the system, four Kit-Kats, some angry grunts, and moral support from some co-workers, I had the pictures uploaded and people were ready to vote.

We kept the voting open for a little over 24 hours. Now that voting has closed, I’m simply waiting on the website company to contact me back to help me read the metrics and return-on-investment. In the meantime, shoutout to the Waco businesses who helped sponsor the public contest by offering the following door prizes:
Chuy’s Tex-Mex complimentary dinner for two
Poppa Rollo’s one large pizza and one large pitcher of soft drink
Marco’s Pizza one large pizza with cheese and one toping
George’s Restaurant & Bar $5 gift certificates
Bush’s Chicken! #1 Special
& Shipley Do-Nuts coupon book

Overall, I have to say it was a pretty great Halloween. I learned a lot and got to spend a good majority of my day at work goofing off and having fun. Days like Saturday remind me why I have such a passion about what I do. So happy belated Halloween from the staff at Allen Samuels DCJ! Now who’s ready for Thanksgiving??

Your Halloween staff from Allen Samuels DCJ

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