The Longest 8 Seconds of Your Life

Bulls & barrels, cowboys & boots and the longest eight seconds of your life. It is Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo week in Waco, and contestants have come in from all over the nation to compete in the All American Pro Rodeo Finals at the Extraco Events Center.

FullSizeRenderLast night I had the privilege of representing Allen Samuels DCJ at the rodeo draw party. Like Rumble in Riesel, attending a rodeo draw party is something I have never done before. For all that this was a new experience, I love rodeos and this was one of the funnest rodeo events I have ever been to.

Unlike rodeo draw parties similar to that of the National Finals Rodeo, where people spend as high as $60,000 on contestants, this draw party was all in good fun. Each business had $15,000 in HOT money (basically monopoly money) and could bid as little or as much as they wanted on each contestant. I knew things were going to be interesting when bareback rider Jake Brown started off the night by going for all $15,000.

As the night continued, businesses continued to put all their HOT money on single riders. Allen Samuels, however, chose to wait for the right opportunities. We never spent more than $8,000 on a contestant. Businesses definitely knew which contestants they wanted and appeared to do anything to win. When bull rider Pistol Robinson was up for auction, it seemed every business in the room wanted him.

Since so many businesses chose to spend all of their money on individual contestants, it allowed Allen Samuels to acquire the contestants we really wanted. By the time the auction was over, we had saddle bronc rider Cody Wright, barrel racer Brittany Pozzi and tie down roper Mike Johnson.

As much as I love watching rodeos, unfortunately, I had not heard of many of the contestants. Thankfully, Allen Samuels was partnered with the Ram Rodeo representative. He and his wife have been to too many NFR’s to count and he is competing in the NFR this year in team roping. My boss and I let them decide which contestants we should bid on. I would say our strategy was one of the best in the room. Each contestant we acquired is a world champion.

The auctioneers at the Rodeo Contest Contestant Draw Party in the Extraco Coliseum.

Once the auction was over, each business was allowed the chance to draw for the areas they did not obtain a contestant for. As the Allen Samuels DCJ representative, I had to draw for a bull rider, a bareback rider, a steer wrestler and team ropers. By the time I was done, Allen Samuels had Matt Dunsmore for our bull rider, Scotty NeSmith for our bareback rider, Jace Melvin for our steer wrestler and Dustin Davis and Jordan Olson as our team ropers. Out of the contestants I drew, the only one I had heard of was Matt Dunsmore. But everyone seemed happy with my picks so I figured I did a good job.

Overall, the night was insanely fun and I think Allen Samuels DCJ has a good group to sponsor. Sometimes I forget how much I love rodeos until I get back into the atmosphere. Preparing for HOT week at work has been crazy and so many times I have felt like a bull rider just trying to hang on for those solid eight seconds. Now that fair week is finally here, it may still be a crazy eight second ride, but it will be worth it. I can’t wait to go to the rodeo and see our contestants representing #23 for Allen Samuels DCJ, and I’ll probably wear my “waitin’ on Lane” shirt while I’m at it. So tip your hat to the cowboy because it’s going to be a good ride.


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