To Recruit or to Not Recruit?

Job recruitment. It is a dreaded process but ultimately something graduating seniors must go through. I am not sure I have ever been as nervous as I was to meet with job recruiters earlier this evening. My future is currently resting in their hands and that can be a pretty unsettling thought.

Going into the job recruitment process tonight I had no idea what to think. I was not sure what to expect, what would happen, and I even began to doubt if I was qualified. I knew what to wear to the meeting and that was about it.

Like most people, I firmly believe in the power of first impressions. Therefore, like most girls, I took my time getting ready for tonight. Even if I was a wreck on the inside, I was going to make sure I looked stable on the outside. I curled my hair, wore my favorite J. Crew skirt, and put on a nice blazer to make my outfit as professional as possible. I added some final touches with my Smashbox lipgloss and Kate Spade purse. I was determined to look the part.

However, looking the part can only get you so far. I had to prove to these job recruiters tonight not only was I interested in their company, but that I would also be a valuable asset to their company. This was where I got nervous. I am not always the best with small talk. What types of questions are you supposed to ask? Who is supposed to lead the conversation? How long do you talk to each recruiter? My mind was flooded with questions and anxiety was quickly was taking over.

I spent a lot of time in prayer going into meet the recruiters. I wanted to make the most of the night. Once I took a step back and analyzed the situation I was in, I realized even if the worst happened, it was still a great learning experience for me. I learned how to work through a room of recruiters. As quiet of a person as I can be, I learned I have to open up and tell them hello. I learned I have to go to them. I have to be open and honest about who I am and what I want. I learned I simply have to try.

While the company I met with tonight is not within the government affairs sphere, I know and have accepted everyone has to start somewhere. By the time the night was over, I had at least made networking connections. Final job offer or no job offer, I met people who were willing to let me pick their brains as I try to figure out my future. I learned what I personally need to look for in companies as I continue my job search. Everyone has to start somewhere and I learned I will never be able to start if I do not try.

I put myself out there tonight. I tried something I have never done before in my life. As awkward as I felt walking up to these big executives and HR managers trying to give them a 30-second elevator speech about myself, it was something I needed to do. I broke out of my shell tonight and I began to fall in love with the company in the process.

As I have stated before, I am at a stage in life that is full of learning. I feel I am learning so much every single day. I am growing and realizing how little there is I actually know about the world. I loved being apart of the recruiting process tonight. I loved making connections and feeling myself grow as a person. I am excited to learn even more as I continue my job search. I feel I am at such a prime time in my life. If you would have told me a year ago these would be the best years of my life I would have laughed in your face. Now I feel as if I have the world at my feet. Moving up I-35 to DFW? I’ll do it. Moving halfway across the globe to the Northern Mariana Islands? I’ll do it in a heartbeat. The job recruiting process is so nerve-wracking and so scary but tonight was also really fun. I am feeling confident about my future. I know Peter Pan says it’s important to never grow up, but I am beginning to be very excited for my future.


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