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I have received an overwhelming amount of support for my blog and for that I want to say thank you! I never expected such positive feedback and I am feeling extremely blessed. For those who have told me how much they have enjoyed my blog – thank you so much for those kind words! They mean the world to me. And to those who are just reading this for kicks – thank you to you as well! Random followers are always fun! Plus, what is life without a little mystery?

I find it crazy how we are capable of reaching out to people without even knowing it. My advanced PR professor made this point in class last Wednesday. She told a story about how her boyfriend from undergrad contacted her not too long ago and knew what she was up to due to social media, even though they had not spoken in months. Over the weekend my mom acted as my personal PR representative and took to social media to promote my blog. A few hours after her post I had a friend whom I have not spoken to in months text me that they liked my blog. It is mind-blowing that I am writing and sharing my thoughts to the world and I do not even know who is reading them.

One thing my friend asked was why I had started my blog. Naturally I said it was for professional reasons – a way to brand myself. Yet I feel as if there is more to it. To be honest, I had been thinking about starting a blog for over a year now. I knew God was giving me a story to tell and I wanted to share that story.

Despite how much I wanted to share my story, I was still scared. I was scared of what other people would think. More importantly, I was scared of how my story would turn out. I never started my blog because I was more curious in how my current journey was going to end. The best example I can think of comes from an episode of Gossip Girl. In this episode, Blair tells her friend she likes watching the same movies because she likes knowing how things end. This was me, and to an extent it still is. I wanted to figure my future out. I wanted to see what God was going to do before I told other people about it. I wanted answers as to why things in my life were turning out they way they were.

The topic of a blog and my writings continued to come up in conversation throughout the year. I continued to push the thought aside and say blogging was not for me. I even joked with my best friend Haley that I did not even know what I would blog about. After spiraling a few ideas, we figured I would be a mommy blogger and just post pictures of the food I cooked. Haley likes to joke that I’m in MRS training. However, when it came down to the nitty gritty, Haley was serious about me starting a blog. Like a natural best friend, she gave me that extra push I needed. And the most beautiful part of all? I have started my blog without knowing how my story is going to end.

I took this picture during a Skype session with New York freelance writer, Melanie Berliet, last November. This was when I seriously started considering the idea of a blog.

I realize now how foolish of me it was to wait for God to show me how my story would end before I took it to others. That is not how our stories work. They are a continuous journey with God. They are constantly changing. Our stories are always meant to be told, no matter where we may be at that specific moment. The bottom line is if I had kept waiting for the timing to right, the timing was never going to be right. I love knowledge and I love learning. Because of this, I would have continued finding excuses to keep learning. Overall, these were excuses to avoid opening up to the world again and making myself vulnerable.

As I worked through the wreckage in my life, I desired so many answers from God. I wanted to know why my life was where it was and where it would go from there. In best my interest, my Father did not answer these questions for me. I became desperate. I distinctly remember sitting on my bed one night and thinking “fine, I’ll just read my bible until I find what I’m looking for.”

Funny how those situations work. In the process of seeking answers from God, I found Him instead. My life transformed when I sought revelation from God and not explanation. My mind was elevated. I saw God for who He was and not my situation.

So, to answer my friend’s question – yes I have started my blog to aid my transition into the professional sphere, but I have also started my blog because God is working something in my life far greater than anything I could ever imagine. Exactly a year ago I went on a college retreat with my church (Columbus Avenue Baptist). One thing the college minister said that has stuck with me throughout this past year was whether we like or not, sometimes God works things in our lives for no other reason than to bring Himself glory. I believe this perfectly describes my situation. There were lessons I absolutely had to learn. I had to face the refiners fire and become a stronger person. I had to let God work me and mold me so I may bring greater glory to His name. Ultimately, my blog is for my Father.

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