Just Truckin’ Along

This is the flyer I designed for the Yeti Cooler giveaway. It is posted on the Allen Samuels DCJ Facebook page.

Rumble in Riesel. These three words have occupied my life for the past few days at work. What is the Rumble in Riesel? Well, Riesel is a town of about 1,000 people East of Waco, and the Rumble in Riesel is a truck and tractor pull. Ah yes, all of this is very, very redneck.

I had been preparing to work the rumble all week at work. The general manager at Allen Samuels DCJRF recently told me he would like me to coordinate all marketing events for the dealership. This was the first event I worked solo.

Preparation yesterday morning was crazy. The only tablecloth I could find had little doily patterns on it, which was definitely not suitable for a tractor pull out in the middle of nowhere. Eleven cars were going out to the fair grounds and each car had to have two dealership magnets on it. I could only find 15 magnets. Worst of all, I didn’t know which cars were pulled to go to the event. The whole morning was chaotic. I was so overwhelmed and I doubted my ability to handle it. I just wanted to prove to myself and my boss that I could handle being a marketing coordinator but I had no clue how I was supposed to do that if I couldn’t even gather the materials needed. I was a mess.

Thanks to the help of my boss and some pretty awesome salesmen, we got all the vehicles out to Riesel by 1 p.m. Minus the fact that I wore a skirt to work only to spend most of my day at the fair grounds (where I got rained on), the day was starting to look up.

The only problem with things looking up is eventually they drop down again. I was smart enough to change into jeans before heading out to Riesel for the evening, but once I got there I was the only person from the dealership present. This meant I had to set up everything by myself. I’m 5’2 and often mistaken for a 16-year-old. Sure I have no problem climbing into the bed of a truck to unload things or even carrying around a hammer in my purse in case I need to nail stakes into the ground. The big problem was when it came time to set up the tent there was no way I could do it by myself. Then I remembered I don’t have to do everything by myself. In fact, it’s often foolish for me to think I have to be SO independent. I rounded up an officer for Riesel PD, along with some other very nice men, and we had the tent set up in no time.

Things were certainly looking up. I put my hair up, threw a hat on and I was ready to get to work. With my sonic drink in hand and a huge Yeti Cooler in front of my booth (because who doesn’t want the chance to win a $400 cooler?) I felt unstoppable.

FullSizeRender (1)
Our set up for night one at Rumble in Riesel. Ram Trucks sponsored with Allen Samuels DCJ.

As the night continued, two guys I work with showed up to help out. What started out as an absolutely hectic and stressful morning turned into a pretty fun night. I still don’t know how a truck and tractor pull works. All I saw were big engines and lots of smoke, but hey new experiences are always fun, right? Plus the music was on-point. Remember when I said I listen to obscene amounts of country music? Well it helped that I got to spend the night listening to Cody Johnson sing about heartaches in pearlsnap shirts.

Internships are all about learning and I certainly learned a lot last night. I learned to never wear a pencil skirt and cute flats when prepping for an event in the boondocks. I learned that a Chrysler 200 is definitely not the car for me. But more importantly, I learned it really is okay to ask for help. I learned I cannot stress over every little detail. I just have to roll with the punches and keep moving forward. As I have said in previous posts, I am learning I cannot plan every detail of every day of my life. Sometimes, most of the time, it is so important to just sit back and enjoy life. Things will work out. Maybe not always in the way we expect but how else would we grow? I’m slowly learning I do not have to be type-A and a perfectionist about everything. I plan on making this my motto tonight. No matter what happens, the event will not be fun if I don’t try and make it fun. Who knows, maybe they might even be able to get me on the mechanical bull!

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