Music Wednesday: Random

Piece of advice – never work full-time while going to school full-time. I’ve been so busy, I have all of these blog posts written down that I haven’t even touched. I’ve just been so tired lately.

Anyway because my mind can’t function anymore apparently, I really couldn’t think of anything “creative” for this blog post but then I figured it didn’t have to be anything necessarily special.

So basically today’s music Wednesday is going to be the random song that I’ve been playing on my phone all week, and that song is…

Rain is a Good Thing by Luke Bryan. I’m sure it was because Texas drowned in rain all last week, but I just couldn’t stop singing in my head, so now it can get stuck in yours too! Enjoy!

Don’t worry, next week I transition to subterms and I’ll only be taking 3 hours at a time, lots more blog posts will start popping up!ūüôā

Music Wednesday: Hall of Fame

Confession time…I’ve been too distracted by the Olympics to blog. If you’re laughing, I probably deserve it. I just really, really love the Olympics.

To say these Olympics have been historic would be an understatement.

Michael Phelps is ending his career with 23 gold medals. TWENTY-THREE GOLD MEDALS.

The women’s gymnastics team is officially the most decorated US gymnastics team in history with nine medals total. (S/O to Aly Raisman, my all-time favorite US gymnast, for redemption in the all-around)

Katie Ledecky broke her own world record…multiple times.

Three women just swept the 100m hurdles, the first sweep by US women in any Olympic sport.

Usain Bolt is still the fastest man in the world, although there is no shocker there.

And so, so many more awesome things have happened in these Olympics!

Because of this, there is only one song I felt was fitting for this music Wednesday, especially have this first week-and-a-half of competition.

Olympians are making names for themselves in these games. They are proving they are greatest. They will be remembered in the hall of fame.

Therefore, the perfect song, Hall of Fame by The Script.

23 Years Ago Today


Y’all, I’m a Rangers fan. Therefore, I had to share (as did everyone else…)

There are certain sports moments that can never go away, especially when you’re a diehard Rangers fan like myself (cough cough, game six of the 2011 World Series).

Now, I have to point out – this specific incident happened in 1993. I was not born yet. HOWEVER, I have grown up hearing the story it’s as if I was there.

After all, my parents went to the Rangers game the following day (August 5th).

So, that’s a lot of words to say 23 years ago today, baseball saw possibly one of the greatest moments ever when Nolan Ryan beat the crap out of Robin Ventura.

The video is shown all the time at the ballpark in Arlington so I have it memorized.

Here’s how it goes:

  • Ryan hits Ventura with a pitch
  • Ventura charges the mound
  • Ryan places Ventura in a headlock and goes at it
  • Ventura can never live this down

Definitely one of the most infamous bench-clearing brawls in baseball. And because I’m sure you’re curious – yes, the Rangers won the game 5-2. And no, Ryan was not ejected.

Don’t mess with Texas, y’all.

Happy anniversary, Robin.

P.S. If Ryan wasn’t enough…Bautista learned his lesson this year too.

I mean seriously…don’t mess with Texas.

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Rangers forever.

Music Wednesday: A New Day

This week has, unfortunately, been one of those weeks were I just feel like life has taken a kick out of sucker-punching me in the face. One thing, after another, and after another. It never seemed to stop.

But this week has also placed things in perspective for me. As much as I would like things going “my way,” there are people facing far harder things than having their a/c go out in their car (even if it was 102 outside).

Yesterday, one of my closest friends received truly heart-breaking news. I wanted nothing more than to get in my car and drive to her house, but she lives in another state. I had to be there for her in every way I could modern technology allows.

This morning I texted her to make sure she was doing okay. I reminded her it is okay to grieve because she needs to. She responded and said her grief comes in waves and today felt like a good day– –a new day.

That’s when I was instantly reminded of this song by Celine Dion. It is a very inspirational song, and when I listened to it today, I thought of my friend. She has experienced loss, but she is moving forward with strength.

Despite everything she’s going through, she viewed today as a new day. So this music Wednesday is for her and embracing each new day as she moves forward.

Can’t Stop the Beat

Myself at 13

I’m not sure if you would consider today a “holiday” since there are so many national this and national that days. However, today is a holiday for me.

The 30th of July is National Dance Day, and that is a very revered day in my book.

I grew up in dance. Since I was a little girl, I have loved moving around and dancing to music. I was very active (as most children were) and was involved in dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics. As the years went on, I slowly let go of cheer and gymnastics and placed my heart in soul into ballet.

Dance became what I loved. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to become better. I made it a goal to have fouett√©s down by the time I was 10 or 11 (I made it. I didn’t have perfect technique, but I could do it).

I can’t have a post about dance without Center Stage

As the years continued, dance became a passion. I channeled everything I had into dance. My routine was wake up, go to school, go to dance, come home, go to bed, repeat. There were nights I would spend five hours at the dance studio and I loved every minute of it. There were few things that could help me getting through life like walking into a studio blaring music and being able to leap my heart out (literally, I had a problem with not breathing while I danced).

Although I have not been able to be in dance for a quite a few years, it’s still a passion of mine. Plus, as every dancer does, I still have my moments where in times of stress or disappointment, I’ll turn on contemporary or classical music and dance.

I have thought about auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance so many times. I’m sorry to announce that will probably never happen. However, because it’s National Dance Day, I have decided to share one of my favorite routines ever performed on SYTYCD.

Here is Jeanine and Brandon performing a jazz routine to Battlefield. If you’re in awe, it’s understandable. Jeanine was the winner that season.

Happy National Dance Day, friends!

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


CALLING ALL GILMORE GIRLS FANS (Or maybe just my sister and Haley…..)

If you can remember back to February, I know a lot has happened since then, I released a post about the definitive reasons Gilmore Girls is the best show ever. In the post, I spoke about the upcoming revival on Netflix. Eeeeekkkkkkkk.

Well, after months and months of waiting, wondering, and creeping on as many pictures as possible to try and get a grip of what is going on in this revival here’s what I gathered during that time:

  • All the love interests are definitely back – Hello Logan. Hello Dean. Um, bye Jess.
  • There is a picture of Luke’s truck outside Lorelai’s house…..?
  • Rory appears to teach at Chilton, so I’m going to guess her work on presidential campaign trails is over.
  • Melissa McCarthy is definitely returning as the one-and-only Sookie St.James.
  • The show will cover four seasons in the town of Stars Hollow – Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.
  • Hep Alien is still together.
  • We still have no idea what Kirk is doing with his life.
  • Lorelai and Rory are still the best duo to ever face television.


With all these things being said, and lots of emotional trauma in process, yesterday the first official trailer for the show was released and the four-part event will air on November 25!

(I’ll hold while you catch your breath)

Things are still pretty much the same – Lorelai and Rory engaging in rapid-fire dialogue in their cozy, Connecticut home, the town gazebo remains intact, Doose’s is still open, and Luke still serves the best cup of coffee on the East Coast.

Plus…the theme song is still the same. I definitely got chills when I heard the “da…da…da…’s” and “la…la…la…’s.” (Sorry, it’s really hard to communicate sound over type). But then, you hear “where you lead…” and that’s where I pretty much lost it.

So definitely still the same show, still has the same affect it had on me when I was 10, and there is still definitely plenty of coffee to go around.

The only difference is this time Lorelai is having an existential crisis on¬†whether she and Amy Schumer would be friends (Especially since her last crisis was deciding Pop-Tarts taste like freedom). Rory’s answer is water sports.


But, there are still some things I want to know! Will we get to see Paris have another breakdown on C-Span? How will they address the death of Edward Hermann? Will Rory get hit by another deer? What have the Life and Death Brigade been up to since leaving Yale?


So. Many. Questions.

And with that, who owns a time machine so we can fast-forward to November already?

Once a Gilmore, always a Gilmore.

Music Wednesday: Hillsong United

I have been on a Hillsong kick lately, majorly. So much so, that even Spotify has emailed me on behalf on Hillsong thanking me for listening to them and suggesting I take the time to enjoy their new album.

I had another idea for a music Wednesday this week (and last week since I missed – oops), but I’ve been enjoying Hillsong so much, I decided I simply couldn’t pass this opportunity up.

Hillsong makes some of the best contemporary worship music, in my opinion. Lots of which was produced¬†before “Oceans” became the tear-jerking hit that it is.

So I’m going to do a list (of course) of my top five Hillsong songs. Enjoy!

5. You Hold Me Now.¬†In the months before I moved to Hillsboro, I would go to church with my friends at North Orange Baptist Church on Wednesday night. There the praise band would always sing this song. I’m not sure what there was about it, but it was a beautiful reminder that no matter what was going on in my life, God was with me and nothing took Him by surprise.

4.¬†The Stand.¬†I’m not really sure if there’s a reason I love this song so much other than the fact it’s amazing. I just feel like it really exemplifies what it means to fall before God and give everything to Him. There is beauty in singing about salvation throughout this song.

3.¬†Oceans.¬†Face it, you knew it was coming. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest songs Hillsong has ever written. I had it on replay a couple years ago, and still do. It’s one of those songs where the beginning music alone brings you chills, while the lyrics flat out bring you to tears. One of my first Sunday’s (if not my first Sunday) at Columbus Avenue Baptist, we sang this song. I was unbelievably emotional. Not only did God use the people of CABC to speak to me in so many different ways, but He used the music too. My faith has been pushed to its limits multiple times (how else would I grow), and even though God has led me through deep waters I never thought I would experience, I am thankful I have. This song perfectly shows the beauty of placing our trust in Christ, taking those leaps of faith where you don’t know what will happen or how things will turn out, but you know you’re not alone.

2.¬†Lead Me to the Cross.¬†Another one of those songs, like The Stand, that reminds us of the beauty of salvation. There are those times I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, I take a step back and remind myself to look at the bigger picture. That’s usually when I land on this song. I walk myself step-by-step through the lyrics that Christ went through the same temptations I did and still He was able to find peace in his Father. I come close to the heart of my Father, and remember my worth was decided on the cross. In those moments where I feel I have nothing, I remember to whom I belong.

1.¬†Hosanna.¬†This is my all-time favorite song by Hillsong. Ever. I once had someone tell me they would sing this song every Sunday at chapel in bootcamp and it just broke them down so much. I can definitely see why, considering this song breaks me down a normal day¬†alone. But seriously, as the title states, this song is about glory of Christ and all the praise He deserves. But this song also inspires me. I think this song evokes such emotion because I use it to pray God would show me how to love like Christ, how He’s loved me. It makes me want to grow closer in my relationship my Father, to fall before His throne with everything I am, and to make Him famous, truly praising Hosanna in the highest. No matter how you slice it, it’s an amazing song.

So there you have it friends! Those are my top five favorite’s by Hillsong. If you have more, feel free to share! As I said, they are an awesome praise and worship band. Have a fantastic Wednesday and rest of the week!

One last thing, I ask that we would all simply take the time to pray for our world. The United States, France, Japan, Syria, and everywhere else. We are world that is hurting, but we have a healer. Prayer is not a last resort but instead direct communication with our Father and Creator, and we should use it continually.